The Nanny

Season 3 Episode 1

Pen Pal

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 11, 1995 on CBS



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    • Niles and C.C. are on the sofa having drinks
      C.C.: So tell me Rochester, what'd you do to kill a day before I came along?
      Niles: Well, truth be told, my life was a little empty . . . but now I have a hobby!
      C.C. : (they both stand up) I loathe you.
      Niles: I despise you.
      C.C. : Servant.
      Niles: Trollop.
      C.C. : Bellboy.
      Niles: Brunette. (they passionately kiss just as a shocked Fran and Max enter)
      C.C. : (walks to the front door, Niles in tow) Good night Maxwell, Fanny Nine. (to Niles) Swine
      Niles: Chicken.

    • C.C.: I don't make a habit of drinking with the help.
      Niles: I've never been of any help to you.

    • C.C.: (C.C. is waiting for Max to come back for a romantic evening in his office. The door opens and Niles walks in. C.C. doesn't turn around) Maxwell darling, is that you?
      Niles: (Niles dims the lights and whispers) Shh. Don't turn around.
      (He blows on C.C.'s neck)
      C.C.: I'm yours. Tell me what you want me to do.
      Niles: Cluck like a chicken.
      C.C.: (looks confused) What?
      Niles: (whispering) It turns me on.
      C.C.: (Smiles and starts clucking. Niles smiles and when C.C. turns around to see Niles she screams) Aah!
      Niles: Mr. Sheffield's been delayed. Did you think I was him?
      C.C.: If you tell anyone about this...
      Niles: Oh, I'd never do that. We need the eggs.

    • Fran: (to Maxwell, about C.C.) If she were Jewish, her last name would be Iceberg!

    • Fran: Tell me the truth. If you were expecting Grace Kelly, and I showed up, you wouldn't be disappointed, right?
      Maxwell: Literally, Grace Kelly?
      Fran: Yeah.
      Maxwell: Well, yes.
      Niles: I believe you farcached up, sir.

    • Maxwell: Oh, Niles. I thought I might as well give Miss Fine a lift to the Russian Tea Room, as I'm going out anyway. I've got to drop by my uh... my uh... a-attorney's. (Looks around and grabs his briefcase off his desk)
      Niles: Your attorney is nowhere near the Russian Tea Room.
      Maxwell: Then I'll get a new one. Same place I'll get a butler.

    • Brighton: Thank God my new girlfriend doesn't smell like that.
      Maggie: Oh, does she fold out and thumbtack to the wall like the last one?

    • Maxwell: (Referring to Lenny) Do you think he still has all his hair?
      Niles: Oh no, sir. You're the fairest of them all.

    • Maxwell: Where is Miss Fine anyway?
      Niles: Oh, she's upstairs getting "farpitzed".
      Maxwell: What does that mean?
      Niles: You know, dressed.
      Maxwell: I thought that was "farblandzhet".
      Niles: No sir, that means 'confused'.
      Maxwell: No man, thats "farcached".
      Niles: Then what's "verschimmelt"?
      Maxwell: I think that's her uncle.

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on August 18th, 1995

    • The scene where Fran is with David Letterman is an excerpt from when Fran Drescher was a guest on Letterman's show. It was not specifically taped for this episode.

    • C.C. mentions having a cousin named G.G.

    • Executive producer (and Fran Drescher's real life husband) Peter Marc Jacobson makes a guest appearance. Dialogue coach Steve Posner makes a quick cameo as the man who gives Fran her gold medal in the Olympics fantasy scene.

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