The Nanny

Season 2 Episode 8

Pinske Business

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 31, 1994 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Pinske Business
Fran has to pose as Ms. Babcock to get an investor interested in Maxwell's next play.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

    Ann Morgan Guilbert

    Ann Morgan Guilbert

    Yetta Rosenberg

    Fran Drescher

    Fran Drescher

    Fran Fine Sheffield

    Charles Shaughnessy

    Charles Shaughnessy

    Maxwell Sheffield

    Lauren Lane

    Lauren Lane

    Chastity Claire "C.C." Babcock

    Daniel Davis

    Daniel Davis


    Nicholle Tom

    Nicholle Tom

    Margaret "Maggie" Sheffield

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      • Charles Haist: Let's dump Sheffield! You said on the phone you're the brains of the operation and he's just a pretty face in a blazer!
        Fran: I said that! How dare... me!

      • C.C.: I've prepared a short docier about myself. Where I grew up, went to prep school, when I came out...
        Fran: You came out? Then what are you always sniffing around Mr. Sheffield for?
        C.C.: My coming out party, Miss Fine.
        Fran.: I heard you. Now you and your special friend can dance together at Disneyland!

      • Fran: Okay, Niles, I'm off to be Ms. Babcock. Help me get into character. Hit me with your best shot.
        Niles: Oh, no, Ms. Fine. I couldn't possibly.
        Fran: C'mon! Hello, hello, I'm C.C. Babcock, off to go to work.
        Niles: In your usual corner? I'm sorry, Ms. Fine. Don't make me do this.
        Fran: I'm Ms. Babcock and I'm off to get money from a man.
        Niles: Don't forget your change belt. I hate myself... Do it again.
        Fran: No, I have to go.
        Niles: Oh, c'mon, one more, I'm hot!
        Fran: All right and I'll make this one easy. Niles, get me a drink. I'm dog-tired.
        Niles: Dog tired...
        Fran: C'mon... I don't hear anything... Niles, get a life. (Leaves)
        Niles: I got it! I got it! (Shouts out the door) I'll leave the lid up on the toilet bowl! Officer.

      • Maggie: Wow, Fran, you look so hot in that dress!
        Fran: Uh-oh, I'm supposed to look like Ms. Babcock. I tried to dress conservatively. Niles, can you picture Ms. Babcock in this dress?
        Niles: Not if I ever want to function as a man again.

      • Charles Haist: Where do you open?
        Fran: Ooh! I know that one... it's uh...
        Niles: Would you like some cream cheese, Miss Babcock?
        Fran: We open in Kraft!
        Maxwell: We open in Philly, Miss Fine... uh Miss Babcock, fine, Miss Babcock.

      • Charles Haist: (Hears C.C. pounding on the bathroom door) What's that?
        Fran: Uh, the dog. We put her away because we didn't want her to ride your leg.
        Niles: Yes, we should really see about having her fixed.

      • C.C.: Nanny Fine doesn't have my class or my breeding!
        Niles: Then maybe she won't lick herself in front of company.

      • Charles Haist: I've been in the garbage business for a long time and you don't see a lot of leg. And if you do, you're calling for homicide.

      • Maxwell: C.C., Mr. Haist is a bit of a ladies man so do whatever you can to make yourself presentable.
        Niles: Should I open the roof and attach her to a lightning rod?

      • Fran: My mother's already decided how to spend the money. She's reconstructing her face.
        Maxwell: That's a little premature.
        Fran: Really? I thought she was long overdue?

      • Fran: Mr. Sheffield, you're like a virgin on your wedding night, not that I would know! Ah, because I've never been married.

      • Sylvia: (Takes a picture of Niles) My girl doesn't do windows. I want to show her it's not such a sin.
        Niles: Meet me in the kitchen later, I'll clean behind the refrigerator.

      • Charles Haist: I'll pick you up. Where do you live?
        Fran: (Pretending to be C.C.) Where do I live? Uh, you think I lived here since I'm always around!
        Niles: Miss Babcock, why don't you look for a business card in your purse?
        Fran: Good idea! (Reaches for her purse)
        Niles: No, Miss Babcock! That's... my purse! (Charles stares at him) They're all the rage in Europe. Here's your purse, Miss Babcock.
        Fran: Of course, here it is! Nope, no business card, just nail file, credit card, therapy bill... boy am I unhappy!
        Maxwell: 407 N 86th Street. I'll send a limo.

      • C.C.: Here Ben, I'll give you a ride back to your hotel.
        Niles: He can ride in the basket with Toto.

      • Maxwell: Where the devil is C.C.?
        Niles: Well it is raining outside, sir, perhaps she melted. Shall I see if there is a pointy hat and Chanel suit laying in the street?

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