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  • so addictive

    this show is so addictive that i can't stop watching it my personal favorite episode is the wedding episode no matter what and so what if Fran has nasal voice deal with every one was born with a voice and she had a voice i love the show but i can't seem to find it on DVD in Australia though
  • Great show

    It's like Roseanne meet The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This show was amazing, I really thought it was gonna be a 10-season show, but 6 is okay. I LOVE FRAN DREISHER!!!!

    FRAN IS MY FAVORITE ACCTOR IN THE NANNY SHOW SOMDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her shows
  • Funny

    A classical sitcom with funny characters.

    I really like Brighton and his sarcasm and C.C.

    And who could not love Frans outfits? XD
  • A pick up me up for the end of your day.

    Always an uplifting attitude and fashionable figure.
  • Best sitcom of the 90's.


    I have watched this show so many times over the years and it still makes me laugh out loud. All of the characters are so funny and the actors are simply brilliant. Fran Drescher did an amazinf job in creating, writing and acting on this show, she is the 90's Tina Fey!

    I recentlyrecommended my teenage sister to watch it and she loved it as much as I do. We always quote stuff from the show and laugh about the funniest scenes.

    I like Seinfeld but I love The Nanny.

  • Not the best sitcom I've ever seen but it can be very funny at times and it isn't a bad show at all

    At first when I saw the promo for this show on Nick@Nite, I thought that it was going to be dumb and I was worried that I would waste my time watching it. It was actually better than I expected... I mean.. it's not the best sitcom that I've ever seen but it isn't the worst sitcom I've ever seen. I get really bored watching this show after all and sometimes just have to go a few weeks without watching this show because it becomes dull to watch after a while. Although, there are times where this show can have hilarious episodes that make me laugh so hard. Fran Drescher is a very pretty actress but I just can't stand her character Fran Fine's laugh... it is just so annoying. Fran Fine also gets annoying when she overacts to the littlest things and always says "Oh Mr. Sheffield"... probably the reason why I have to take a break from this show sometimes. The most hilarious character out of this whole show are Grandma Yetta and Niles the Butler... both of those characters just know how to make me laugh. My least favorite character in this show is C.C. because she is so mean to Fran and I wished that Fran would get revenge on C.C. instead of letting get her way. Overall, this isn't my favorite sitcom that I have ever seen and it can get pretty dull to watch after a while but there are times when this show can be gosh darn hilarious and that's OK with me. 7.5/10
  • Bad Theme.

    Who can not forget that this show has a bad theme song?It's kind of funny to me,but it's not better than Family Matters.Well,it's kind of better than Home Improvement or Reba.I watched this show for a little bit and it was kind of funny when I saw it on Nick At Nite.It was a bit kind of harsh and a bit kind of fine.This show is kind of a good show,but it's just that it's not even perfect or bad.I would really grade this show a very big C because I didn't even like this show,but it's kind of good.
  • when a cosmetic saleswoman went knocking on the sheffields door the last thing she or they expected was to become the nanny, and for that matter a part of the dysfunctional and hysterical family recently torn apart by the death of their mother.

    i think this show is absolutely hysterical, it makes me laugh every time i watch it! while her voice can be irritating i think that is part of its allure. the sexual tension between fran and max is undeniable and unavoidable apparently. niles and cc's clever exchanges back and forth are guarenteed to make you laugh. i for one wish that this shows had continued a little bit longer, i dont think the marriage of the lead characters killed the show but it definately changed the plot line. it is one of those shows that i look forward to watching every night when the reruns play on nick at night, just for a good laugh.
  • One of my favourite shows in the 1990's.

    The Nanny ran from 1993 to 1999. It could have ran longer but 6 seasons is plenty. I love this hillarious show. I am impressed by all the characters in this show. Here is the list of characters I have grown to love, laugh and care about: 1. Fran Fine
    2. Maxwell Sheffield
    3. Niles
    4. Gracie Sheffield
    5. Brighton Sheffield
    6. Maggie Sheffield
    7. C.C. (Chastity Claire) Babcock
    8. Val Toriello
    9. Sylvia Fine
    10. Yetta Rosenberg

    I love each character in every way imaginable. My personal favourites are Fran, Niles, Val and Gracie.

    The first 3 seasons I have on DVD and thankful for that. Thank you Sony. I need to have seasons 4-6 on DVD. Please!!!

    The relationship between Fran and Maxwell is one of the best things about this show. Starts as a business relationship which then goes into friendship then eventually marriage.

    There are other relationships which work beautifully too including: Niles and C.C., Brighton and Maggie, Val and Fran, Fran and Gracie etc.

    I love Fran's voice. Very annoying to some but absolutely charming to others (including me).
  • fran came into the sheffeilds home changing it for life. it used to be a depressing, sad, and quiet house until fran moved in. she changed it. by the first week she was there it was a loud, happy :), romantic, and fun house to live in.

    i love this show. all the character where amazing but the adults where the best. they where all so uniqe. c.c. the mean, uptight, annd horrible buissness woman was just a perfect touch to fit in niles so he could fool around with her. which brings in the butler and the nanny. which brings in fran. fran brings in maxwell who brings in the children. but fran also brought in 2 other main characters. yetta and sylvia. they where the funniest and the best actors because yhetta had to change her look so much. but the funniest thing was all this tall hair! hahahah i love the nanny!
  • God that woman was annoying!

    I simply couldn't stand this show! The reson starts and ends with Fran Drescher! Her character must be one of the most annoying ones of television. That voice was extremely nasal and after watching you had it stuck in your head for days. Its like a virus!

    The only positive I could find from the show was the Butler, Niles. At times he just looked embarressed to be next to Fran, but he was the only one who ever make any comments that were remotely funny.

    The writers also played on the Jewish thing a little too much! The accents and certain Jewish catchphrases were used too often as jokes.

    Ok I'm not Jewish so I could have missed the whole punchline, but apart from the butler this just seemed like a one joke show!
  • the nanny is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cooooooooooooooooollllll.of course laure lane is the best best couple is niles and c.c.

    the nanny is awesome i love it.c.c. is awesome but i love everyone is so so so so so fave is the finales the green card and the fifth whell.what\\\'s yours?i really love it but i think you get the who is your fave person?i guess you know mine it is just really cool.
  • hate writing...

    I was never fond of this sort of humour, especially when it keeps repeating the same patterns of punchlines over and over again. miss fine always makes a mess, which makes mr. sheffield furious so they play all these you are guilty/but you took back the thing little games. on the other hand, niles and cc keep making ironic remarks-he about her sex life and her appearance, and she about his job and lack of money. there are offcourse the children, sweet and nice, with their problems easily resolved by the loving nanny...
    sterrotyphical humour and ever-repeating plots. the idea was ok, though...
  • Good at first... weird at end

    I enjoyed it the first few seasons, and I still do... but as the seasons went on, it got more annoying. They seemed to bring out Fran\'s annoying traits more, brought the relationship between Fran and Maxwell more to the front... was really annoying.
    Grace was really cute in the first episodes... I just saw the episode where she accused Fran of eating her imaginary friend. That was a really good episode. I thought I has just outgrown The Nanny, but it turned out I was just sick of the newer episodes where it was all sex and Fran and Maxwell.
  • Fran Drescher..... nuff said.

    I cant beleive that Fran got a show, if I had a voice as annoying as hers I would never speak. Rember Janice from Friends Fran is like that [they may be the same person I dont know!]. This show is just not funny and I personaly hope that she never gets another show after Living With Fran bombed.
  • I love this show because this is very funny.

    I enjoy watching whole of "The Nanny" season 1 to 6. Fran is trying to be very quirky and funny about being fabulous and love to eat some "chocolate candy lovers" pieces. Fran is always so funny and I wish I would like to watch that every day for the rest of my life. My most favorite episode of "The Nanny" is "Material Fran", "Lanb's Chop on the Menu", and "The White Cellar" becuase this is totally amazing that I watch already. This show is always making perfect creation about "The Nanny" and I really appreciate that. So... congratuation to Fran!
  • My most favorite show!

    I love it when Niles tortures C. C., but it was good that they got married. I wish it didn't end :(. Morty was boring. Fran causing Mr. Sheffield's left ear to go deaf was funny! I actually work on the wiki. I was appaled at tge small state. It now has over 18 pages. I am on a site-wide block there I will see you fans next month if you do go. Niles is by far the best. My favorite quote is "You're a brick ... house." to Mr. Sheffield. Does anyone know what episode that was? I don't. :( Niles for the win!
  • I love this show!

    I think this is one of the funniest sitcoms I have ever seen. I think there was great chemistry between Fran and Max. Although I have to admit I did wonder what it would be like if Max and C.C were together. Fan and Max would have made a better couple anyway. I didn't think the kids would be funny enough but they were really funny. Grace was the best. But the cherry on top of this hilarious TV show was the rivalry between Niles the butler and C.C Babcock. They have pretty good one-liners and really made the show. At first I thought the show would still do well without C.C but I realized what the show would be like without her. If C.C wasn't in every episode, then there would just be a nosy butler and there would be nothing intruding the relationship between Fran and Max. The show would have been boring that way. I love the Nanny!
  • this show is great

    this show is funny.its sorta gets annoying when the nanny talks alot.i forgot her name but still.oh ya huh....her name is Fran Fine.Fran has pretty hair! her hair is puffy and curly but i love it when her hair is ya i like her shows but sometimes i dont realy watch her shows beacuse im doing something else.but her shows are funny!like the show when this girl thought Fran was her daughter.they talk sorta the same (weird) but Frans real mom looks funny ... well not that much but her hair is puffy like Frans!thats why i like to wacth The Nanny!
  • Certainly not a classic, but not bad, either.

    I've never been a huge fan of the Nanny. The characters were well-developed and funny, I admit, specifically Fran and Niles, the first of whom reminds me of Lucille Ball. There are a lot of predictable elements, however, that make it a lot less quality than some other shows. Of course, there's some kind of tension between Fran and Mr. Scheffield, it was obvious from the beginning. The situation was the same with Niles and CC. What really bothered me, however, was that the children were never a main focus. They were background characters, as children often are, but if they're going to be this unimportant, they might as well not be there in the first place. The Nanny isn't an awful show, but I don't think it ranks up with '90s greats like Seinfeld and Friends.
  • this show is soooooo cool i love it

    this show is funny and great at first i didnt like it so then i strared to l it i love the show and the nanny is so good actor i wish they made more i love the show if you dont like i reallty dont care its my fav shows so i dont care what u say it cool and fuuny so if u dont like it go away and dont bother watch it ............ i like this show it s funny im going to watch i like and she pretty i like it when she talks and she cool
  • Kind of annoying.

    It was a show in which I think it would have been better if it wasn't so annoying. I do not like the fact that it was a show centered around a person with a terrible voice and an even more terrible laugh. The show's comedy was average, but I thought that it was entertaining in the fact that the characters were interesting. I liked the plots and the setting was kind of unique. One thing I must admit is the fact that it was a show for those who wanted some sort of change compared to other shows. Overall, it wasn't bad, but not great. Thank you.
  • What's not to like about this wonderfull show?

    When the show first aired, i was a very little girl. But when i saw the show on some german channel. I started it to watch more and more. Then i realized, i was addicted. Since i am dutch and germans have voice overs on all their showss i started to watch it on youtube.

    I am now at season three and i see it getting better. I love how their is this giant tension between The nanny and mister sheffield. Of how Niles always mocks CC. I really am looking forward to the part where they will start dating, and get married. And in the end i will even have kids. I love this show, and i love that i have still 3 more seasons to watch. I think i would be sad if i watched it at the time. But now i wont be as sad when i come at the end of the show.

    I say: Lots of kudo's to the makers!
  • offbeat but infectious

    Fran Drescher was brilliant as Fran Fine in the Nanny. Between her glamorous outfits to her sometimes annoying but infectious voice, you couldn't help but root for her every episode.

    Definitely a show that got better with age with its offbeat gags and plots, there was however one little nagging problem with the entire premise:

    If didn't focus enough on the kids. There was never any real character development for the three talent actors, Nicholle Tom, Brian Sterling and Madeline Zima which was a shame considering what the show was about. If anything, the actors found greater success after the serious ended, especiallly Zima who has become in demand as young actress.

    Still, the supporting cast made the Nanny a great watch. Who can forget Renee Taylor as Fran's mom Sylvia who nearly stole every episode with her food issues and bawdy nature?

    And Lauren Lane got better each episode as the conniving but somewhat insecure C.C. Babcock who was the perfect foil to Daniel Davis, an American actor from Arkansas who was brilliant as the English butler Niles.

    When The Nanny left the air, Fran Drescher was really the last great funny lady on television. Thanks, to sydication, however, the show will live on in reruns.
  • Oh boy, some hilarious stuff here! You just gotta go to the bathroom on the commercial brakes!

    Nanny Fine, the most hilarious nanny in the world. She got fired from her first job, and got a new one selling cosmetics. She went to sell them at a rich house, the Sheffields' house, and Mr. Sheffield's a Hollywood producer. But he thought he could use her as a nanny for his three kids, since his wife died. Then, a whole mess started. Mr. Sheffield's assistant got jealous of Fran, since she fell in love with him, Fran's crazy mother and grandmother kept stopping by the house and cheering for Fran to get married to Mr. Sheffield, the kids started loving her... A crazy house! But well worth it, for our entertainment!
    My favorite characters are definitely Fran's mom and grandma, they're the funniest and always make me laugh the most! I miss The Nanny!!!
  • I looove Fran Fine!!

    This is such an awesome show. Fran Fine is a beautiful young woman who just got fired and dumped by her stupid ex-boyfriend, so she took a job as a nanny for Maxwell Sheffield. To be honest, I think she was perfect for rhe job. She loved the kids and was a great mother figure to them. The only thing that saddens me is the way Maxwell always finds a way to blame Fran for everything that goes wrong, and when she already her face. Don't get me wrong. I love Maxwell, but sometimes, he can be hurtful to Fran. That always makes me sad, because she loves him so much. Other than that, the show is awesome! I love the chemistry between Niles and CC. Even though the keep picking on each other, the truth is, they love each other. In the end, they have a baby together. I think they'd make great parents. The Nanny is so awesome! I especially love Fran's voice! It doesn't annoy me. It makes me laugh. I would so love to meet her!
  • I seriously wish this show was more recognized instead of playing early morning, pure classic, I wish I knew about it earlier, though I wouldn't have understood it at that age.

    Fran is an amazing actress and so very funny. I'm an actress and I focus mostly on comedy and I know its hard, it's extremely hard to find a well written scene made for women thats hilarious, most focus on sex and food binging, but Fran makes so many classic jokes and such that are not common for women. She is defiantly an idol for me when it comes to acting. I am so sorry that I was born in the early 90s because I missed out on an awesome show and sure I can watch reruns but it's just not the same, especially some of the jokes made about the current day at that time. I mean, I understand most of it, however, I was mostly focused on what team would win Legends of the Hidden Temple, not what the president was doing at the time.
  • This show is hysterical! Fran was at her best during this series.

    This show is an absolute classic in my opinion. I record it daily with my PVR and watch it as I have time. It's got a great storyline and all the characters are lovable in their own way (even C.C. with all that venom in her veins!)

    It's the typical wannbe love story where you want the main characters to get together but hope when the writers finally do it that the show doesn't tank. Luckily this one survived.

    Although I enjoy nearly all the episodes they had a few that weren't up to its usual par. The Chatterbox...horrible. But that is really the only one that I delete right off the PVR. It would be great if they were able to get the whole cast back together, but sometimes when great shows that are no longer in prime time get a breath of life back in them, it ruins the whole idea of the show - past and present. To me, this will always be one of the greats.
  • This show was funny! Fran was really convincing and I just loved this show! Bring It Back!

    This show is an absolute classic in my opinion. I watch it often on TV (the repeats, obviously) and I just think that it's got a perfect storyline and amazing characters. You just cannot imagine anyone else playing their parts. My favourite character by far is Niles. He is so funny. I love how he is so cruel to CC, and that's the only reason why I like her character so much. Fran and Maxwell were great characters, but kind of like with Lorelai and Luke on Gilmore Girls, you wanted the writers to hurry up and put them together. I don't really have a favourite episode on this show because they are all fantastic. This is the only show that I know of where I can watch all the episodes and not hate a single one. I think this show is amazing and definately should be brought back to TV (even though it finished such a long time ago)
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