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  • The Nanny faces on Fran Drescher who takes on the job as a nanny to three children: Brighton, Maggie, and Gracie. Her life turns around as she makes friends with butler Niles, and gets into a so-called 'intimate' relationship with Maxwell. Too bad her mot

    The Nanny is possibly the best show I've ever seen. Not only are the jokes fresh, but everything is fresh! It is a whole new take on the sitcom, and I'll tell you why. It tells jokes that carry on over seasons, which keeps viewers tuned in. Yet, at the same time, it is a great show for one person to just jump in. I watched it only a few times during its real run throughout the years, but finally began watching it in reruns.

    It stars Fran Drescher, Charles Shaungessy, and Lauren Lane as well as Daniel Davis, Renee Taylor, Nicolle Tom, and even has had most notable guests like Ray Charles, George Clinton, and lots of stars. The 6th and last season was ultimately the funniest season, especially 'The Leggy Blonde' and the 'Finale' with both parts. It was truly an enjoyable show to watch. 9.8!
  • Best Show EVER!!

    I think this is the best show ever!! The chemistry between the characters is awesome. Fran always seems to get herself into a mess in each episode. And in each episode she finds a way out. Niles the butler always has a funny comment to make, and they're usually directed towards C.C. Throughout the first few seasons of the show, I was always waiting for Fran and Maxwell to get together (even though I knew it was inevitable that they would, I wanted to know when and how). I can't wait until the show is released onto DVD!! I am going to buy every single season!!
  • Hilariously wonderful! This show is just gold...

    I don't think there's ever been a show as hilarious as this one. And, as I usually catch the 1 AM showings on Lifetime, sometimes I've had to fight to keep from bursting out laughing as the rest of my family sleeps on.

    With every episode made of pure gold comedy - from the queen of comedy herself, Fran Drescher - this show has become one of my all time favorites. The actors work so well off each other, it's no wonder the show was so successful.

    It's a romantic comedy - with six whole seasons of humor and love. With five seasons dedicated to whether or not Fran and Maxwell would get together, it's also a great show for the romantic in all of us. You know you were all dying to see them get together.

    The show's a classic, and forever will be. With this new DVD release of it - even though the show ended in 1999, it will continue to live on (in reruns and our DVD players!)
  • 'The Nanny' cracked me up during the 90s.....but for some reason, it's even funnier in syndication! Maybe because I appreciate the punchlines much better now that I'm older :) Nevertheless, definitely worth seeing every episode again.

    'The Nanny' cracked me up during the 90s.....but for some reason, it's even funnier in syndication! Maybe because I appreciate the punchlines much better now that I'm older :) Nevertheless, definitely worth seeing every episode again. The four leading actors have great timing and chemistry. Looking forward to its DVD release..
  • The I Love Lucy of the 90's

    This show has some mixed feelings for me. When it first started to air, I would sit at the dinner table at night, after work, with my mom, watching the show together. She LOVED it. (on those nights I would work late, she would record it, and we would watch it together).

    After she passed away, I continued to try to watch it. I would laugh at the stuff "Ms. Fine" would do or get into, but with the laughter would be the feeling of "I wish my mom was here to laugh with me". (No one else in my family watched hte show with me). So, by then end of that season, I had stopped watching the show.

    However, I did watch the last episode. I figured that I had to watch it, in memory of my mom.
  • The Nanny is a show any woman can enjoy.

    The Nanny is NOT a man hating show,I will tell you that right now.I love this show and the only reason I pointed out the fact that it is not a man hating show is that my brother just told me he thinks it is so I wanted to let everyone have a positive opinion.Sorry for wasting your time...
  • This is one of my favorite shows and it is ever funnier every time i watch it.

    Oy, The Nanny is better in syndication!! It gains a lot of fans from the new generation every time it's on. It's one of my personal favorites, and it will always be.

    Fran Fine is a great character. She is unique, has a nice style, and is a great nanny for a cosmetics saleswoman. I am so happy that she always gets Maxwell in the end. And her voice is just so very cool. Maxwell is a not as famous as Andrew Lloyd Webber who is to afraid to commit, and that what makes him hilarious. Maggie, Brighton, and Grace are some of the funniest kids you'd ever see. One is a wallflower, one is a smart alec, and one is a therapy guru. They are all funny to watch and they are played by great talented people. Niles is so silly, he always listens in on Maxwell's conversations and never cooks (I think butlers are supposed to cook). He always pulls pranks and calls C.C. names. C.C. is Maxwell's business partner who has a huge crush on Maxwell. I am so glad that she ends up with Niles in the end. Sylvia Fine, Fran's mother loves to eat and almost always eats in every scene and that is so funny. Yetta, Fran's grandmother is hilarious because she is forgetful and so silly.

    All in all, I love this show and I recommend it if you need a laugh or just want to see the crazy antics of all the characters.
  • Has All Of The Classic Traditions, Very Mush Like "Who's The Boss?".

    The Nanny has all of the traditions of the classic shows. They have an animated opening, and music tells you the whole etory, which isn't very common, especially in the 90's and it is very much like "Who's The Boss". They both have one person that supports the entire family. Just like Angela Bower supports Tony and Mona, Mr. Sheffield supports Niles, and Ms. Fine, and also works with C.C. They really should have made more episodes. It is a combined Lucy and Who's the Boss, and a really funny part is the battles between C.C. and Ms. Fine & Niles.
  • Hysterically funny!

    I seem to watch The Nanny every day. It's a hysterically funny and entertaining show. The cast interacts so wonderfully, I would expect them to actually be a family. I loved all the characters but Niles was the stand out for me. His one-liners are classics and his "feuding" with C.C. is pure brillance. The show went downhill when Fran and Max (Mr. Sheffield) got married. I like it better when they knew they liked each other but wouldn't admit. However, it's always bound to happen on shows and they did a pretty good job of it. The finale was pretty lame IMO, but it tied everything up as a finale should. They should have do a spin-off about a Niles and C.C's marriage. That would be a GREAT show.
  • The Nanny is so funny. 2 thumbs up!

    The Nanny is about a Jewish lady that lives in Flushing Queens. I will write the song, it explains it all.
    She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing Queens till her boyfriend kicked her out in one of thoughs crushing scences. What was she to do? Where was she to go? She was out on her fanny. So over the bride from Flushings to the Sheffields door she was there to sale makeup but the father saw more. She had style, she had flair, she was there! That's how she became the Nanny. Who would have guessed that the girl we described was just exactly what the doctor prescribed? Now the father finds her beguiling (Watch out, CC) and the kids are actually smiling (Such "joie de vivre") She's the lady in read when everybody is wearing tan. The Flushing girl from Flushing, the Nanny named Fran.
  • Overall, I enjoy it as a regular treat...

    I wouldn't classify it as "my favorite show ever," but I do crave it if I haven't seen it for too long.

    I used to enjoy Niles, though I now grow tired of him. I do, however, love the dynamic that he and Fran have.

    I must say, after Fran and Maxwell marry, the series begins to plain suck. The relationship that they have as Nanny and boss and more is much more interesting. That is the point of the show, after all.

    I enjoy the kids' characters, but Grace got on my nerves in the first two seasons (it was like the camera focused on her for five minutes, so she could spout off one stupid line).

    Overall, I enjoy it as a regular treat.
  • the funniest show everrrrr!!

    this show is hilariously funny and it has me cracking up EVERY time i watch it. i absolutely love it and after just one episode i started loving it. its wonderful of all ages.

    i never actually liked fran drescher before i saw this show but now i think shes a great actor.

    i wish they brought this show bak because i want to see how fran and maxwell's and niles and cc's marriage turned out.

    a WONDERFUL and MUST watch show!!
  • You can't forget the Nanny. "She's the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan."

    Every show is mildy funny. How many seasons did it take for Fran and Maxwell to get together?? Fran Fine is the most unique Nanny I know. If I could get paid to do her job! One of my favorite quotes in the Nanny is "if you give me a raise, I'll give you one!". Fran Drescher's voice is unlike anyone elses, and I like that she can laugh about it. Her and her laugh combination make her unforgettable. The last episode was a great finish to the series, having Yetta in the closet. The constant bickering between Niles and C.C., we knew they'd end up together, but still classic how they found new ways of torturing each other. Overall, A.
  • A jewish, big-haired Lucille Ball meets the high end neighborhood of Manhattan, and the consequences are truly hysterical.

    She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing Queens when her boufriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes. But to make a long theme song short, Fran Fine (Actor and Producer Fran Dresher) gets a job as The Nanny for unappreciated theatre producer Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaunessy), despite her only qualification being her tight-fitting dresses and her nasally voice. She immediately sets out to set right the dysfunctional lives of the Sheffield children. Maggie (Nicholle Tom) has a fear of expressing herself, Brighton (Benjamin Salisbury) takes pleasure in torturing his siblings, and Gracie (Madeline Zima) is in psychiatric therapy twice a week. But there's a hitch. Maxwell's business partner C.C. Babcock (Lauren Lane) makes no secret in her dislike for Fran, seeing her encroach on what she considers her territory. Fran, however, finds an ally in fellow housekeeper Niles (Daniel Davis). Together, the quirks provide endless entertainment as Ms. Fine adjusts to the life of her upper class reporters. Her mother Sylvia Fine (Renee Taylor) cannot help but show her daughter the benefits of marrying a wealthy man, if only so that she can finally die happy.

    The Nanny is an intelligent and provocatively written comedy that puts many of today's sitcoms to shame. The show shows the sexual encounters in life with tact and a great deal of humor. Even the naturally nasal voice of Fran (and her equally nasal family) are not immune to the wise cracks. The near-constant banter between C.C. and Niles provide the show with many of its finest moments. However, this is also one show that ingenuously blends the slapstick comedy of the days of "I Love Lucy" with the modern emphasis on situational comedy. Quite simply, this is a show that belongs in the halls of television fame. She's the lady in red, while everyone else is wearing gray. You'll love the flashy girl from Flushing, the nanny named Fran.
  • My all time favorite show! The Nanny is and always will be my favorite show of all time!

    I first fell in love with The Nanny in fall of 2004. When I saw it on Lifetime. After watching a few times I instantly fell in love with this fabulous comedy!

    Fran Drescher has now become my absolute favorite actress of all time. She can make me laugh, and cry in the same episode. Now many actresses can do that. She is a modern day Lucy Ball! I will never stop being a fan of hers!
  • Wonderful!

    Well, what should I say.....
    The show is absolutely fabulous . Too bad they canceled it !

    The characters are a rich family which has got to work a cosmetic saller called Fran Fine as a nanny - it sounds a bit like a soap serial, but it isn\\\'t . This is one of the best comedies I\\\'ve ever watched!
  • Such a good show to watch at the end of the day!

    The Nanny definitely has some wonderful qualities! It's wonderful to watch at the end of a stressful day and something most families can enjoy together.

    Niles and C.C. are my favorite pairing here, even if they aren't the main characters. They have such good chemistry, and their dialogue never ceases to crack me up.

    Everything neurotic about peoples' families are here, from Fran's to Maxwell's to C.C.'s. It definitely brings to mind some of my own family stories!

    All in all, a show to watch whenever you need a pick-me-up!
  • The Nanny is a brilliant, extremely funny, and engrossingly entertaining show that I could watch for the rest of my life (I\'m only 19). In short: I am in love with it.

    The Nanny is a brilliant, extremely funny, undoubtebly classic, and engrossingly entertaining show that I could watch for the rest of my life (I\'m only 19). The show should never have gone off the air, or even had a summer break inbetween seasons. In short: I am in love with it. -->It\'s worth repeating.
  • this show is a keeper

    this show is so great and the story is well made and not to mention the actors and actresess especially fran she is just funny and this show just simply is a classic and a must have seen comedy show because of its comedic lines and ofcourse fran drescher who is the main chracter

    Too few shows fall into the category that this one has: CLASSIC! The jokes were hilarious and Fran Drescher is truly the modern day Lucille Ball. Her ability to tell a joke, keep a straight face, and manage such physical comedy is what truly puts this show into the A-list!
  • A great show

    I just love watching The Nanny. I can go on watching the reruns because its just so nice. There are some good values in the different episodes too. It was part of my adolescent years and I love it. There will be nothing like it because there is only one Nanny Fine..
  • It's great!!!

    It's great.

    It's funny.

    It's educational (in a way).

    It's cool.

    It's nice.

    It's The Nanny!!!

    Personally, I like the idea for the character of Niles, because he acts so serious yet he's so funny!!!

    I also like the names of Ceecee's relatives: Beebee, Booboo, Deedee...

    I really, really love the show.

    fran's great!! The only thing I don't like about her, and probably mr. Shefield too, her accent and voice!!! So, she's very nice!!!!

    She's cool!!

    She's great!!!

    She's nice!!!

    She's funny!!!

    she's super C O O L ! ! ! ! !

    Anyway, the story's about Fran finding a job as a nanny for the three Shefield children. It's a series of hilarious encounters as they try to live through life, although, they never really emerge that neatly and as planned everytime...
  • Hilarious! CC and Niles!

    I thought it was a hilarious show. I do have to admit that it was funnier when Maxwell and Fran weren't a couple.
    I love the constant insults that Niles and CC threw at each other. Mostly Niles.
    The only thing that brought down the show was her mother. She was annoying. I couldn't stand that character.
  • Oh Mr Sheffied!

    I can still see Fran sitting on Max's desk swinging her leg!
    Ever time re runs are on TV I always watch them even though I have seen them so many times before.
    Niles is by far the best character he is so funny. I enjoyed the way he always made fun of CC.
  • love the show!!

    this is a really good show. i love that voice of hers its so funny. i watch this every day at 5. its so cool. i wish it hadnt had ended that makes me sad. i dont like how it ends and then i have to start the whole season over. but of course i like it so much i get over it.
  • Hilariously Funny!

    Fran Drescher is so funny in this show. It's a lot like I Love Lucy! She is always getting in to some kind of trouble. I wish they would make funny sitcoms like this again! There are afew but some are cheesey and aren't worth watching! I don't know many people who don't love The Nanny!
  • One of the best shows ever created for television!

    This show was everything the 90's were about. If it happened in pop culture, it was mentioned on the Nanny! Everything from the Clintons (Hey, even Bill's bro Roger made a few guest stops) to the fashion that made the 90's what it was. Everyone was supporting Fran, the underdog as she adjusted to 'fancy living' while still keeping her feet on the ground, much thanks to her ever-annoying mother Sylvia and best galpal Val. This show made my week when it first aired, and it still does today when I watch in on Lifetime. I'm looking forward to season 2 coming out on DVD, and so should every other Nanny fan.
  • A old CBS classic show.

    What happens when a loud mouth lady helps a broadway producer raise his kids? Comdey that is what. From C.C Babcock to Yetta, I hope I spelled them right. The Nanny has a funny actor cast. And a good staff of writers too. That is what helped keep it fresh and good.
  • The Nanny is a Helarius show based on the funny antics of Fran Dresher. Everyone should watch this show.

    I love this show it is the funnist thing I have everseen and I am like 15. I love it every DVD set should be declared like a national landmark and never going to be thrown out. It is like sacred I love it and if you deny it I will hunt you down you lousy freak.
  • hey

    i luv this show. its super funny. i hope they have a reunion episode. it is so funny. my favorite one is when niles does the risky business routine. it is so funny. they c.c. and niles feud is hilarious. they have such great cast.. they are all so talented.
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