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  • offbeat but infectious

    Fran Drescher was brilliant as Fran Fine in the Nanny. Between her glamorous outfits to her sometimes annoying but infectious voice, you couldn't help but root for her every episode.

    Definitely a show that got better with age with its offbeat gags and plots, there was however one little nagging problem with the entire premise:

    If didn't focus enough on the kids. There was never any real character development for the three talent actors, Nicholle Tom, Brian Sterling and Madeline Zima which was a shame considering what the show was about. If anything, the actors found greater success after the serious ended, especiallly Zima who has become in demand as young actress.

    Still, the supporting cast made the Nanny a great watch. Who can forget Renee Taylor as Fran's mom Sylvia who nearly stole every episode with her food issues and bawdy nature?

    And Lauren Lane got better each episode as the conniving but somewhat insecure C.C. Babcock who was the perfect foil to Daniel Davis, an American actor from Arkansas who was brilliant as the English butler Niles.

    When The Nanny left the air, Fran Drescher was really the last great funny lady on television. Thanks, to sydication, however, the show will live on in reruns.