The Nanny

CBS (ended 1999)





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  • Not the best sitcom I've ever seen but it can be very funny at times and it isn't a bad show at all

    At first when I saw the promo for this show on Nick@Nite, I thought that it was going to be dumb and I was worried that I would waste my time watching it. It was actually better than I expected... I mean.. it's not the best sitcom that I've ever seen but it isn't the worst sitcom I've ever seen. I get really bored watching this show after all and sometimes just have to go a few weeks without watching this show because it becomes dull to watch after a while. Although, there are times where this show can have hilarious episodes that make me laugh so hard. Fran Drescher is a very pretty actress but I just can't stand her character Fran Fine's laugh... it is just so annoying. Fran Fine also gets annoying when she overacts to the littlest things and always says "Oh Mr. Sheffield"... probably the reason why I have to take a break from this show sometimes. The most hilarious character out of this whole show are Grandma Yetta and Niles the Butler... both of those characters just know how to make me laugh. My least favorite character in this show is C.C. because she is so mean to Fran and I wished that Fran would get revenge on C.C. instead of letting get her way. Overall, this isn't my favorite sitcom that I have ever seen and it can get pretty dull to watch after a while but there are times when this show can be gosh darn hilarious and that's OK with me. 7.5/10