The Nanny

Season 6 Episode 4

Sara's Parents

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 21, 1998 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Fran says to Yetta that her grandfather died in 1973, meaning he has been dead for 25 years. But in "Once a Secretary, Always a Secretary" she said he's been dead for 26 years.

  • Quotes

    • Roberta: I worry that they don't even think about their mother anymore.
      Maggie: That's not true, Grandma! We think about mom all the time. And sometimes when we really miss her, Fran puts in old videotapes of her and watches it with us.
      Brighton: And every year on mom's birthday, Fran has us light a Yahrzeit candle for her; it's a Jewish tradition. It sort of lights the way for a happy after life.
      Grace: Also in the Hebrew tradition, we're only allowed to light one candle on Fran's birthday cake, but I forget what that means.
      Fran: It's in the Torah! Very sacred.

    • Fran: I really want Sara's parents to feel comfortable with me raising their grandkids.
      C.C.: Oh give up, Nanny Fine! You're never gonna win them over. They prefer a woman like me, a woman of -
      Niles: 60.

    • Fran: Yetta, what are you still doing here?
      Yetta: I'm just waiting for Grandpa to pick me up.
      Fran: Yetta, Grandpa passed away.
      Yetta: When?!
      Fran: 1973. Time to go home.
      Yetta: Why? My husband's dead!

    • Fran: I just want us all to be a family.
      Roberta: Well is Sara was here, we would be.
      Ernest: For God's sakes, Roberta, they didn't kill her!

    • Yetta: I'll just take the elevator. (Stands in front of the fridge and waits)
      Fran: Elevator's out of order, Yetta.

    • Maxwell: I know everything about you.
      Fran: Everything? Even my real age?
      Maxwell: Well, that's something even the FBI couldn't figure out. The closest they got was 31.
      Fran: 31! (Happily) Well, I guess the secret's out!

    • Fran: (about Sara's parents) I just want everything to be so right. I mean, while they're here, I just want to come across as the perfect wife and mother.
      Maxwell: And after they're gone?

    • Maxwell: They're going to try and prove that you're and unfit mother.
      Fran: Unfit?! I'm in the best shape of my life! I know what this is all about. They don't like my people.
      Maxwell: No, sweetheart, they're not anti-semitic. They're best friends with the Rothchilds.
      Fran: I meant my mother.

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