The Nanny

Season 2 Episode 9

Stock Tip

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 07, 1994 on CBS
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Stock Tip
Fran meets a man, Glen, at the supermarket. He tells her that he works on Wall Street and later convinces Maxwell into investing 100,000 dollars in stocks, but Fran later finds out that Glen is not a stock broker, but a hot dog vendor.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

    Ann Morgan Guilbert

    Ann Morgan Guilbert

    Yetta Rosenberg

    Fran Drescher

    Fran Drescher

    Fran Fine Sheffield

    Charles Shaughnessy

    Charles Shaughnessy

    Maxwell Sheffield

    Lauren Lane

    Lauren Lane

    Chastity Claire "C.C." Babcock

    Daniel Davis

    Daniel Davis


    Nicholle Tom

    Nicholle Tom

    Margaret "Maggie" Sheffield

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      • Fran: (Dressed as a man) I thought women weren't allowed.
        Waitress: Just the cocktail waitresses, sir.
        Fran: Oh. Meanwhile, I'm dressed like Al Capone.

      • Fran: Mr. Sheffield, please.
        Maitre'D: Sorry, men only.
        Fran: What is this? The he-man women haters club?

      • C.C.: You want something, don't you? Nanny Fine wants something! Oh, yes! Yes! God this is good!
        Fran: Are you done? You want to have a ciggy butt and cuddle now?

      • Maxwell: When I was his age, I was a bit of a rebel myself.
        Fran: What'd you wear, brown socks and black shoes?
        Maxwell: Sometimes. Once I wore my dickie backwards. And no one knew!
        Fran: Watch out!

      • Brighton: Oh, this is bad. I'm dressed like Snap!
        Fran: Val once dated a guy who looked like Crackle. (To Niles) Unfortunately for her, he popped too quick.

      • Glenn: Are these fat-free cakes any good?
        Fran: Oh, they're deelish. Dip 'em in butter, fry on both sides, and if you dip em in whipped cream, it puts them right over the top!
        Glenn: I like whipped cream. On everything.

      • C.C.: I could see myself lying on the beach for days.
        Niles: Oh, I'm sure someone would take you out to sea if your blowhole got clogged.

      • C.C.: Maxwell if you don't jump on this, someone else will!
        Niles: She's bluffing, sir.

      • Glenn: I saw your last play 6 times!
        Maxwell: Really?
        Niles: Me and the family only had to sit through it twice. (Maxwell glares) And the second time was even better!

      • Fran: That must be Glen, my stocker broker boyfriend from the supermarket.
        Maxwell: Niles, my butler, from London will answer it.

      • Maxwell: Wilbur?!
        Fran: (Dressed as a man) No, it's me! Miss Fine!
        Maxwell: Oh, thank god. I was starting to feel attracted to you. I was beginning to think that 20 years in the musical theater had taken its toll.

      • Fran: Maggie, who does C.C. hate more, me or Niles?
        Maggie: God, this is hard. She hates both of you so much!
        Fran: Yeah, but I make her nauseous.
        Niles: I make her drink.

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    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • The Sound of Music

        As Brighton is about to walk out of the house with his new, more 'urban' look, he picks up his stereo and hits play. It begins BLASTING 'The Lonely Goatherd' from The Sound of Music, a musical starring Julie Andrews.

        It is pretty much the antithesis of urban-icity, and Brighton is justifiably embarrassed at the thought of walking to the park to have that playing.

      • The idea of dressing like a man to get into the club is taken from I Love Lucy. Fran gets the idea when she hears the theme song from the show. It's another tribute to Lucille Ball.

      • Fran: How do you like this dress?
        Maxwell: I like it. It's very festive.
        Fran: Festy? Carmen Miranda is festy!

        Carmen Miranda, Brazil's best international icon, was very famous in Hollywood during the 40's. One of her trade marks was a big fruit hat she wore during her acts.