The Nanny

Season 1 Episode 18

Sunday in the Park with Fran

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 23, 1994 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Dan Aykroyd enters as the repairman, he says his company's name is "Frost Busters," but the closed caption says "Trashbusters."

  • Quotes

    • Maxwell: You know Frank, I'm getting bloody tired of sucking up to you.
      C.C.: I'm not, let me do it!

    • Niles: Finger sandwich?
      Frank Jr.: Ew. What idiot made these?
      Niles: I did. And they came from a real little boy.

    • Maxwell: Miss Fine, if you really don't want to do it, just take a deep breath and lie through your teeth.
      Fran: Oh, okay. I can always pretend I'm at a tax audit.

    • Niles: Meanwhile the caviar's sweating, the brie's running and the crudite's limp.
      Fran: You know, they have an operation for that now.

    • Maxwell: I'm going to try not to get angry.
      Fran: That's good, you are entering those dangerous heart attack years!
      Maxwell: Miss Fine, you struck a child!
      C.C.: Struck a child! Oh God, let it be Grace!

    • Maxwell: Miss Fine, don't you have something you want to say to Mr. Bradley?
      Fran: Yes, but then I'd have something else to apologize for.

    • Woman: Maybe I should get a nanny.
      Fran: Oh definitely, with one baby and another on the way!
      Woman: And two more at home.
      Fran: Oh honey, you don't need a nanny. You need a hobby.

    • Grace: I know Frank Bradley. He's in my art class.
      C.C.: Maybe that's his son.
      Grace: He said my art sculpture was derivitive.
      C.C.: That's him.

    • Brighton: Isn't there a more grownup way for you ladies to settle this? I'm thinking mud wrestling.
      C.C.: There is a more grown up way. I'm telling Maxwell on you.
      Fran: Not if I get there first!

    • Fran: Miss Babcock, you want her to play with a boy she doesn't like?
      C.C.: Well if I had to like all my friends, I wouldn't have any.
      Fran: (To Niles) I'll flip you for it.

    • Niles: I heard you and Miss Grace were going to the park so I made you a picnic.
      Fran: Oh Niles! You doll, you!
      Grace: The refrigerator's broken and if we don't eat it it'll be broken.
      Niles: Tattle tale.

    • Maxwell: How's that for an apology, Mr. Bradley?
      Frank: It needs work. What do you think, son?
      Frank Jr.: It left me cold. Much like Robert Goulet in Cyrano.
      Frank: They grow up so fast. Soon he'll be closing plays and destroying careers.
      Fran: You must be so proud.

    • Frank Jr.: That's an ugly dog. It has a pointy nose and beady eyes... like her! (Points to C.C.)
      Niles: They're from the same litter.

    • Fran: No one is touching this dog!
      C.C.: It's my dog!
      Frank: I thought it was her dog.
      C.C.: Well Maxwell gave him to me for my birthday so if I want to kill him I can!
      Fran: (Gasps) Niles, throw water on her!! Let's see if she melts!

    • Gracie: But these are cocktail onions!
      Niles: I'd make you a martini, but we're out of ice.

    • Maxwell: You're back! How was the park?
      Fran: Oh, you know. Birds. Trees. Muggers. The usual.

    • Maxwell: Niles have you seen my yellow notebook?
      Niles: Where did you last have it?
      Maxwell: Why do people always ask that? If I remembered where I had it last I would... the mantle! I was pacing! Ah, there it is! Thank you Niles, old boy!
      Niles: Thrilled to be the wind beneath your wings, sir.

    • Fran: You had to pack that stupid baguette!
      Niles: Baguettes don't hurt people: People hurt people.

    • Fran: Yes, finger sandwich, Mr. Bradley? A man like you deserves a good finger every now and then.

    • C.C.: Well, if your relatives won't come without a feedbag, I'll be happy to give them their money back and sell their tickets on the street.
      Niles: I'll drop you off at your usual corner.

    • Fran: Why should Grace go on a playdate with him if she doesn't like him?
      Maxwell: Well how does she know she doesn't like him if she doesn't spend any time with him?
      C.C.: Oh, that's good!
      Maxwell: It's important for Grace to spend time with all sorts of people, even people she doesn't particularly care for.
      Fran: Well, I wish we'd had this conversation out in the garden. The plants would have loved the fertilizer!

    • (Fran grabs a bagel from the bread box)
      Maggie: Get back, she's armed!
      Brighton: (imitating a cop voice) Put the bagel down and step away from the bread box!

    • C.C.: I don't think a gift basket is going to get us out of this one. I may have to offer myself.
      Niles: Might as well close the play now.

    • C.C.: I forbid you!
      Fran: Forbid, is that the 'f' word I hear?
      Grace: That's the 'f' word? What's the big deal?

    • Gracie: C.C., why does your dog hate you?
      Niles: Well after all, he is a male!

    • Gracie: I'm not hers am I?
      Fran: No angel, you don't shed your skin.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Niles: Baguettes don't hurt people. People hurt people.

      This is an allusion to the NRA's slogan, "Guns don't kill people; people kill people".

    • Niles: Honored to be the wind beneath your wings, sir.

      This is an allusion to the song, Wind Beneath My Wings, from the movie Beaches and performed by Bette Midler.

    • Fran: If you feed them, they will come!

      This is an allusion to a line from the movie Field of Dreams. The original quote is "If you build it, he will come". That particular line went on to become the object of parody over the years.

    • The show takes it name from a Broadway musical, "Sunday In The Park With George," a play based on the life of painter Georges Suralt.

    • Fran: The fridge is broken. Who you gonna call? Repairman: Frost Busters!
      In the 1984 movie, Ghostbusters, starring Dan Akroyd (who plays the repairman), the repeated line in the chorus of the theme song was "Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghost Busters!"

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