The Nanny

Season 3 Episode 23

That's Midlife

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 11, 1996 on CBS



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    • Fran: Better than when my father went through a midlife crisis. He convinced my mother to become swingers.
      C.C.: What happened?
      Fran: The other swingers saw them.

    • Fran: What happened to your gray streak?! You removed it?!
      Maxwell: I think it takes years off me. Catch ya later, babe. (Leaves)
      Fran: That's my gray streak! I caused it and it's mine to remove!

    • Fran: Mr. Sheffield is going through a mid-life crisis and I don't know how to pull him out of it!
      Sylvia: Marry him.
      Fran: How's that gonna help him?
      Sylvia: Who cares? Better we should be happy.

    • C.C.: I just got a message on my answering machine!
      Niles: Oh my god, crack the champagne!

    • Joyce: He's going through a midlife crisis. It's common for men his age.
      Fran: I've heard about those. Next thing you know, he'll be trying to prove his virility in the arms of the next gorgeous young thing to cross his path... (Thinks) Out of my way Joyce!

    • Maxwell: Miss Fine, you want to play with me?
      Fran: You BET! And when we're done, how bout a little tennis?

    • Maxwell: Do you know what's really bothering me?
      Niles: (Mumbling) Carrying around that big fat wallet giving you a hernia?

    • Maxwell: Niles, have this restrung.
      Niles: Yes, sir. Anything else?
      Maxwell: Yes, you can get to that soup. And you use your own tookis, cause it's about to be canned! (Leaves)
      Niles: No sense of humor. That's why his comedy's a flop.

    • C.C.: Yup, I'm planning the ultimate revival... ME!
      Niles: Nobody wanted to see the original. Who'd want to bring it back?

    • Maxwell: Niles, old boy, how pitiful am I?
      Niles: There are many less fortunate than you are, sir. Some in this very room.

    • Young Jewish Woman: (to Maxwell) Are you stalled? Do you need a jump?
      Fran: Hey, hey, hey! If anybody's gonna jump him, it's gonna be me!

    • Maxwell: C.C., life is short. You should go back to doing what you were did when you were young.
      Niles: Sir, there's so little call nowadays for Civil War nurses.

    • Fran: Ma, you're on a diet!
      Sylvia: You can tell already?
      Fran: Your can gave it away.
      Sylvia: Oh thank you! You just add some powder, some non-fat milk, and some ice cream.
      Fran: Ice cubes, Ma!
      Sylvia: The ice cream gives ya a little body.
      Fran: No, it doesn't!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode is a parody of the song That's Life written by Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon for Frank Sinatra.

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