The Nanny

Season 4 Episode 3

The Bird's Nest

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 25, 1996 on CBS



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    • Mrs. Richardson: My nicotine patch fell off, my mother's in town and my boyfriend left me for my brother!
      Fran: Oh yeah? Well I'm over thirty, single, and I work for her! (Points to Grace)

    • Fran: Niles, I was thinking Mr. Sheffield was right. If I help Brighton with his project, it's only going to hurt him.
      Niles: You've already gotten involved and screwed up?
      Fran: Yeah.

    • Mrs. Richardson: Hey, did you see the movie Babe, kid?
      Gracie: Yeah.
      Mrs. Richardson: Well, they ate him at the rap party.
      Gracie: I can't hear you!

    • Fran: B, I'm not supposed to help you.
      Brighton: Come on, Fran. You've always helped me. You've been like a mother to me.
      Fran: Forget it, B. It's not gonna work.
      Brighton: Of course, you're far too young to be a mother.
      Fran: Alright. It worked.

    • Fran: Big hair and short skirts. That's what got Mel Gibson the Oscar.

    • C.C.: They're fumigating my apartment.
      Niles: They've tried that before. You always come back.

    • Gracie: Shouldn't we help that woman in the wheelchair through first?
      Fran: Oh, honey, stand your ground. Last year when they put out the Donna Karen, she popped out of that chair and screamed "It's a Miracle!"

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