The Nanny

Season 4 Episode 25

The Boca Story

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 14, 1997 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Fran gets out the chocolate ice cream, she puts whipped cream and a cherry on it. However, when she sits down the whipped cream and cherry disappear for a while and then reappear.

  • Quotes

    • Fran: (about Sylvia) Why is she the one that always gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling?
      Val: Because she doesn't wax her chin.

    • Alicia Machado: Hi, I'm Alicia Machado.
      Fran: The one from Who's The Boss?
      Alicia Machado: Oh, no. That's Alyssa Milano.

    • Maxwell: So Brighton, am I going the right way?
      Brighton: Um, yeah. Just make a left at that old lady.
      Maxwell: We're in Florida. Which one?

    • Sylvia: (Holding up a brown linoleum floor sample that Yetta picked out) Could you puke from this?
      Yetta: (Holds up a food-patterned floor sample) Oh, and this is hip.
      Sylvia: Well, at least mine is more appetizing!
      Yetta: Yeah, you need "more appetizing".

    • C.C.: Awww... poor Niles. Always a best man, never a man.

    • Fran: Now listen, we're gonna have to be very sensitive where your sister is concerned. She's eager to develop.
      Brighton: Ah, you're right. Couple of years, we're just gonna have to go through the same thing with Maggie.

    • Grace: (Walks into the kitchen, her bra clearly stuffed with tissues) Fran, where are the double-stuffed Oreos?
      Fran: Shut up, Brighton.

    • Fran: (Fran sneezes) Oh God, my allergies are so bad today! Listen to how stuffed up I sound!
      Maggie: How can you tell?

  • Notes

    • When Fran is talking to one of the contestants, she mentions the show, "Who's the Boss?", in which Fran Drescher had made a couple of guest appearances on.

    • The dress wore by Miss Great Britain is the same "Lady In Red" dress wore by Fran in the pilot.

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