The Nanny

Season 5 Episode 5

The Ex-Niles

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 29, 1997 on CBS



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    • Sylvia: Hurry up, it's the anniversary of the death of Frieda's husband.
      Fran: Which husband?
      Sylvia: Who can tell? She's had seven. Now she just lumps em all together like President's Day.

    • Niles: I've come back! Hide me please!
      Fran: What happened?
      Niles: I can handle the jacuzzis and giving the oil massages. I can even suck on a big toe the size of a Louisville Slugger but I do NOT... do windows.
      Frieda: NILESY!!
      Niles: Oh, God, Sasquatch!

    • Maxwell: Miss Fine. What is Dr. Joyce Brothers doing in my sitting room?
      Fran: Well, if you must know, she's here to decide if me or Miss Babcock is more right for you, not that it's any of your business.

    • Fran: (to C.C) You went to finishing school. I had trouble finishing school.

    • Freida: (about hiring Niles) Maybe I could use some help. I've got all that Lardo porcelain to dust.
      Sylvia: Freida, it's Lladró.
      Freida: You can pronounce it. I can afford it.

    • C.C.: Well, it's been five days, and I haven't lost a single pound on this damned liquid diet.
      Niles: Maybe because it's gin.
      (C.C. grimaces at Niles, while she walks over to Fran who is eating a big piece of cake)
      C.C.: Nanny Fine. How do you eat like that and stay so thin?
      Fran: I have a very fast metabolism. Every time I think about how old I am and the fact that I'm still single, my heart starts racing.

    • Fran: I hate these credit card applications. Date of birth: un-applicable.

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