The Nanny

Season 6 Episode 22

The Finale (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 12, 1999 on CBS

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  • This episode proves that The Nanny creators can come up with a happy ending wrapped in a chocolate-covered coating (acting as comedy scenes).

    This episode proves that \'The Nanny\' creators can come up with a happy ending wrapped in a chocolate-covered coating (acting as comedy scenes). When Fran and C.C. get stuck in the elevator as Fran is ready to go into labor, C.C. panics and begins to sing songs to make the time pass. This really makes it very funny. Also, as Fran is ready to deliver, everyone has arrived...Morty, Sylvia, Maxwell, Niles, all the childre, Val, Fran\'s aunt & uncle, as well as a dozen more guests including Yetta.

    This episode is definitely funny. 8.9
  • The last episode of The Nanny is just what anyone could want in any finale. It is wrapping up and giving closure to the people we have come to know and love, while at the same time, giving them a new beginning.

    The last episode of The Nanny is just what anyone could want in any finale. It is wrapping up and giving closure to the people we have come to know and love, while at the same time, giving them a new beginning. Finally we have all that we wanted for Fran. She's married, has a son and daughter of her own, and is moving to Hollywood. It's a whole new chapter in her life and she is really no longer the Nanny, though she still is the flashy girls from Flushing. Overall, if you are a die-hard Nanny fan, it's a great episode, but a little hard to say goodbye to.
  • The finale of the nanny is very exciting , this eposide changed the course of most of the charcters lives , fran has the twins ,C.C and niles get married, C.C finds out she will soon be a mother, and the family packs up to head to california.

    I think that the nanny series was very funny, and went out with a bang. The lives of the charcters take a totaly diffrent course in the series finale . Fran goes into labor in the elavoter at her one year aniversery party . She has the twins in the hospitial. C.C marrys niles and finds out she is pregnet with his baby,( and reveals that C.C stands for Chasity Claire) . The gang then packs up and heads for Californa , for maxwell's Job in producing. At the end it shows fran sitting on the stairs in her home in New York, thinking about the first time she came to the shefield home as a cosmetic sales girl. After the end of the show the cast comes out to thank all of the people for their support. The perfect ending for a great series.:-)
  • What a season finale should be.

    Though I didn't grow up with The Nanny, I managed to catch it on TV a few times and bought some of the DVD's immediately after. Everything about the show was hilarious and well-played, so I was very impressed to see it end on such a high note.

    The first thing I must commend the writers for with regard to this final episode is that they covered all the bases. The show ended on the premise of a new beginning, and I was perfectly fine with that. When they left off the characters had fully developed into believable people in a realistic situation. I appreciated the comedy of Niles and CC, as well as the ties that kept them together, I was hoping they would take the two out with their usual bang, and I was pleasantly surprised at where their characters ended up. However, I find that their relationship is the only thing I feel the need to nit-pick about. The marriage and pregnancy came very fast, in a fashion that didn't really seem to suit them, so I was on the fence about it. It sits a little better with me to know that through it all they've kept their personalities in check. I think Fran's ending was especially true to her character, especially given the reminiscence of her leaving Brighton and Maggie at the airport to start their new life, followed by looking back on everything as she begins the next part of her life. I was pleased with everything, really. I could go on and on, love the show and the chemistry of the actors / actresses.
  • Overall, a brilliantly acted and written episode, and a definite tear jerker! *this review is for parts 1 and 2*

    The Nanny is a classic TV show, and for it to end is really very sad! But, it is one of the few shows that ended with grace. The beginning was funny and immeadiately grabbed your attention.

    Then we go to Fran and Maxwell\'s anniversary party, where all is going very well. What with the song, the dancing, the blimp (no, not Fran!) Niles decides, why not propose to C.C? C.C. surprise surprise, runs off.

    Fran being the yenta that she is, chases C.C. into an elevator. But, wouldn\'t it figure that the elevator gets stuck, and the EMERGENCY button just ain\'t working. As if that is not enough for poor, poor C.C, Fran goes into labour. C.C. will avoid looking \'down there\' at all costs and is determined that the babies will be born, when they leave the elevator!

    Thankfully, Maggie overhears Fran in the elevator and Max and Niles etc run upstairs. However, no one can fix the elevator, but when C.C. agrees to marry Niles, he forces it open!!! Then, they discover Fran is in labour and off to the hospital they go!

    But, C.C. has been feeling nauscious ever since she said yes and needs Fran\'s advice. Fran however, is not so sympathetic! Since she is in labour!!! Fran, grumpily tells C.C. that when she says I do, she will feel better!

    So, C.C. and Niles get married right there! Then, Fran gives birth to two healthy children, and the mother and father are overjoyed at how far they\'ve come! Fran decides to name the babies \'Jonah Samuel after my great grandfather and Eve Katherine after your great grandmother.\' As they hold their children and share a kiss, they both achieve what they wanted! Fran and Maxwell are married with two children, and have found their soulmates, each other. Then C.C. and Niles discover some SHOCKING news, they\'re going to have a baby!

    The next day, Fran and Max drop off Brighton and Maggie at the airport, and Fran cannot say goodbye to her children. She is left heartbroken over seeing her babies grow up! After staying in the airport for nine hours, they leave with Gracie and the twins. Then Fran and Max are forced to leave their home, where memories are just everywhere! and Fran remembers with \'Shades of the Orient\' back to when she was just a salesgirl for cosemetics. Now, she is a wife and mother, and has everything she ever wanted!

    This episode was bittersweet and perfect, but I knocked off .5 because I felt the Chastity Claire and Niles thing was a little rushed! I mean, the wedding, the baby! Or maybe I am alone on that one.

    Well, personally, a fantastic episode! And a brilliant series finale!