The Nanny

Season 3 Episode 17

The Grandmas

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 22, 1996 on CBS



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    • Fran: Every morning, it's the same thing. I come in, I sit down, you tell me I look gorgeous...
      Maxwell: I don't do that.
      Fran: Well, you should start!

    • Fran: No one in my family is divorced!
      Niles: What about your sister?
      Fran: They're not divorced. They're just miserable.

    • C.C.: Oh, Nanny Fine, get a grip. My mother left when I was four.
      Niles: She wanted a girl.

    • Fran: Oh, Mr. Sheffield, I know what you're doing, and, believe me, I'm very flattered, but don't go changing to try and please me.
      Maxwell: No, Miss Fine. You are right. I was far too boring. I need to mix it up, keep them guessing.
      Fran: No. I miss boring. I want it. I need it. I gotta have it!
      (Niles walks in the room and, hearing that last sentence, has a surprised look on his face and quickly leaves)

    • Fran: Mr. Sheffield, I'm home! Oh, thank God nothing ever changes here. Where are you, my dependable, stable, Rock of Gibraltar, stodgy, uptight, totally predictable--
      (Maxwell comes out wearing a hideous but flashy blue blouse, holding two glasses and a wine bottle)
      Fran: Oh my God! Is that my blouse?!

    • Fran: Daddy! Come outta there! What are you doing in there?
      (Sylvia opens the door, glowing)
      Sylvia: Me!
      Fran: Ma! In the bathroom?
      Sylvia: Well, it is the room he feels the most comfortable.
      Fran: Please, spare me the details! I'm just happy you and Daddy got together again and made up.
      Sylvia: Twice. Thank you for your hospitality, Nettie.
      Nettie: Tramp.
      Sylvia: You better believe it!

    • Fran: I can't believe you guys! You're so selfish! Mom and Dad's splitting up isn't about you! (she starts to cry) It's about me!
      Yetta and Nettie: (to each other) Look what you did!
      Yetta: Franny! You want a pep mint?
      Fran: Okay.
      Nettie: You want an ash-- Ashtray?! Where did I get this? (she looks at the label) "The Hilton." Oh, sure!

    • Fran: Yetta, you promised you were gonna quit smoking!
      Nettie: She also promised she wouldn't eat anything gassy before we left.
      Yetta: Meanwhile, did you get a seat on the express bus?
      Fran: Oh, it is a wonder I have any class at all! (she finds something in her hair) Oh, there's that floss. (she uses the floss anyways)

    • (Fran opens the door and a huge cloud of smoke, and her grandmothers, come into the house)
      Fran: Nanas! I thought you were gonna stop smoking!
      Nettie: What, it's gonna stunt our growth?

    • Fran: Niles, will you prepare a little nosh? I got my grandmas coming over, Yettie and Nettie.
      Niles: What shall I prepare: nuts, some English toffee, biscotti?
      Fran: Yeah, that sounds good. Just put it in a blender with a couple of prunes.

    • Fran: It's Monday morning, which means Miss Babcock has just arrived. She's handing Niles her coat. She's saying, "Careful, I just cleaned my fur," to which he responds, "Don't cough up any hair balls." And right about now, she's getting even with him.
      Niles: (off-camera) Aaaah!
      (Niles walks in the room, limping)
      Niles: Miss Babcock is here!

    • Fran: Me and Mr. Sheffield aren't even close to unscrewing. In fact, I think we're beginning to bore each other.
      Sylvia: That's normal in a marriage.
      Fran: But me and Mr. Sheffield aren't married.
      Sylvia: Are you living with him?
      Fran: Yeah.
      Sylvia: Are you taking care of his kids?
      Fran: Yeah.
      Sylvia: Are you having sex?
      Fran: NO!
      Sylvia: Then you're married!

  • Notes

    • The song that plays when Maxwell comes to the living room, after Fran calls out for him, is French composer Maurice Ravel's most famous musical composition, Boléro.

    • Both of Fran's grandmothers appear in this episode. However in Episode 8 (The Christmas Episode) she revealed that her grandmother had died and gave her the watch she pawned in that episode.

    • When Fran calls Gracie's play date, she speaks to "Mrs. Lombardi". This is a refference to Frank Lombardi, a regular writer for the show.

    • This is the first time we see Fran's other grandma, Nettie.

  • Allusions

    • Fran: (to Maxwell) You don't need to go changing... to try to please me.

      This is a lyric from the song "Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel.