The Nanny

Season 6 Episode 1

The Honeymoon's Overboard (3)

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 30, 1998 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • After Maxwell rips the bottom of Fran's nightgown off, the bottom of the shortened skirt has a visible stitched hemline.

    • When it shows a birds-eye view of the island in the opening shot, all we see lying on the shore is Fran, but Maxwell is nowhere to be seen, even though he was lying right near her when she woke up

    • Max and Fran are supposed to be making love in their makeshift hut, but Max never takes his pants off.

    • Every time the romantic music plays to signify Max and Fran (and later the two chimps in the teaser) getting ready to make love, the closed caption says "Bolero plays," but the actual music playing is "Strangers In The Night."

  • Quotes

    • Maxwell: Ouch! Something bit me.
      Fran: Sorry... now order me around some more!
      Maxwell: No, no sweetheart, I'm serious. Something just bit me!
      Fran: Sweetie I'm lying on a starfish and I'm not complaining. It's nothing sweetie, don't panic its just a little bite.
      Maxwell: Darling, half of my body's going numb.
      Fran: Oh my God, which half?
      Maxwell: The lower half.
      (Fran screams)

    • (Niles answers the phone)
      Niles: Sheffield residence. Wha? It's the coastguard.
      Sylvia: The coastguard? Why would they call?
      Niles: The yacht reached its first port and neither Mr. Sheffield or your daughter were onboard.
      Sylvia: What does that mean?
      Niles: They think they might've fallen off the ship!
      Sylvia: Oh my god!
      Niles: They found Mr. Sheffield's shoes and robe strewed on the deck.
      C.C.: Well that doesn't prove anything.
      Niles: Beside an untouched tray of hors d'oeuvres.
      Sylvia: MY DAUGHTER IS DEAD!
      (She faints)

    • Niles: I had so much to drink at the reception. I had the strangest nightmare, that Santa Claus was trying to have his way with me.
      (C.C. comes downstairs holding her head, and she's wearing a red and white bathrobe. She and Niles look at each other)
      Niles & C.C.: (Simultaneously) Oh my God!
      C.C.: We didn't did we?
      Niles: I'm not sure. Say "ho ho ho."

    • C.C.: I have stuck by Maxwell through sixteen girlfriends and two dead wives. (at their looks)
      One dead wife. I will find Maxwell Sheffield!
      Sylvia: And?
      C.C.: I'll bring him home

  • Notes

    • Frank Lombardi and Caryn Lucas are now executive producers with Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson.

    • Slight change in the opening credits: at the end, where it used to say "Produced by Kathy Landsberg", it now shows the developers and creator credits. Kathy Landsberg serves as co-executive producer for the 6th season.

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