The Nanny

Season 3 Episode 12

The Kibbutz

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Dec 04, 1995 on CBS
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The Kibbutz
Maxwell wants Maggie to go to a convent in Switzerland over the holidays but after listening to Fran, Maggie ends up wanting to go to a kibbutz in Israel instead.

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    Ann Morgan Guilbert

    Ann Morgan Guilbert

    Yetta Rosenberg

    Fran Drescher

    Fran Drescher

    Fran Fine Sheffield

    Charles Shaughnessy

    Charles Shaughnessy

    Maxwell Sheffield

    Lauren Lane

    Lauren Lane

    Chastity Claire "C.C." Babcock

    Daniel Davis

    Daniel Davis


    Nicholle Tom

    Nicholle Tom

    Margaret "Maggie" Sheffield

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      • Maxwell: I propose we shut up the office on the 15th; no one important is ever around for the holidays. (beat) You staying in town again, C.C.?
        C.C.: No, this year I'm getting as far away from this place as possible.
        Niles: Ooh, Santa got my letter!

      • Fran: Niles, have you seen Mr. Sheffield? I need to talk to him about Maggie's trip to the Kibbutz!
        Niles: I thought you talked him into it this morning.
        Fran: Yeah, but now it's this afternoon, I gotta talk him out of it!

      • Niles: This old dishrag has seen better days.
        (C.C. enters the kitchen)
        Niles: Were your ears burning?

      • (Maggie is on the couch in the living room, kissing her boyfriend)
        Niles: Can I vacuum in there yet?
        Fran: I think there's enough suction going on in there.

      • Fran: Honey, maybe a time at a convent won't be so bad. I have two words for you: Sounda Music.

      • Maxwell: It's amazing. Every time I ask you to do something, you always manage to screw it all up.
        Fran: And yet, you continue to ask me! You need help, Mister.

      • C.C.: Where do you stash your cash?
        Niles: Somewhere you'll never get near.
        C.C.: Oh. Your mattress.
        Niles: (pointing to Maxwell) No, his.

      • Fran: (to Maxwell) Merry Christmas, your round young virgin is staying that way.

      • (Niles is on vacation on a tropical island. He dances around and sees a woman sitting at a bar)
        Niles: Ooh, nice tan, Sheila! (another woman walks by him)
        Bonjour, Merosal! (he then sees another woman dancing with a man) Oh, shake it, Miss Babcock! (C.C. turns around and they both stare at each other in disbelief)
        Niles: Oh daylight come and me wanna go home!

      • Niles: How's your pudding, Miss Babcock?
        C.C.: It's delicious, why?
        Niles: (Holds up a carton of milk) Just as I thought. These expiration dates are meaningless.

      • C.C.: See Maxwell, if we've got Jack, we've got a success. I will bet my reputation on it!
        Niles: Oh, sorry. There's a five dollar minimum.

      • (Flashback to when Fran and Val were teenagers, Virginia Graham comes on TV)
        Virginia Graham: I want you to say hello to one of the most talented, young, bright, exciting Broadway producers, Mr. Maxwell Sheffield!
        (A young hip Maxwell walks out on stage)
        Fran: Oh, is he a BABE!
        Maxwell: To think I was about to do a musical with a whole bunch of people running around dressed as cats! Luckily my secretary talked me out of that one! Take a bow, Miss C.C. Babcock!
        (The camera cuts to a bearded Niles, giving "bunny ears" to a dark-haired, bespectacled C.C., who gives a thumbs up)

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Val & Fran: Stevie, the nerd from the A.V. club?!?!?

        In a flashback, Fran shoots down Sylvia's news that her neighbor's son is dying to take her out on a date, but the two girls are quick to dismiss him, citing his nerdiness.
        Stevie happens to be the son of Mrs. Spielberg, making him Steven Spielberg, the famous movie director.

      • Niles: Daylight come and me wanna go home!

        This line is from Harry Belafonte's Day-O (Banana Boat) song, in which the singers are supposedly working in a banana factory all night and they say "daylight come and me wanna go home."

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