The Nanny

Season 2 Episode 6

The Nanny Napper

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 17, 1994 on CBS



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    • Fran: There goes that vein in your forehead again!
      Maxwell: You know what's funny, Miss Fine? That vein wasn't there a year ago.
      Fran: Oh, like the gray streak in your hair?
      Maxwell: Exactly like the bloody gray streak!

    • Maxwell: Why didn't you just drop the baby off at the police station?
      Fran: I couldn't do that, they're swamped today. The gays are coming out, the yuppies are working out and the Jews are eating out.

    • Fran: I wonder if I'll ever have a baby.
      Maxwell: There's always the subway, Miss Fine.
      Fran: Forget it. Next time I bring home a baby, it'll be after nine months of swollen ankles and an Epidural that could bring down Secretariat.

    • Grace: Then why dont you two make a baby?
      Fran: Take it away Mr. Sheffield.
      Maxwell: Well we would have to be married first.
      Fran: Right married.
      Grace: Then why dont you two get married?
      Maxwell: I took the last one
      Fran: Thanks well you have to be in love with the person.
      Grace: Well dont you love Fran?
      Fran: Ya dont you love Fran?
      Maxwell: In a nanny friend, boss kind of way.
      Fran: I love your father in that thanks a lot you British cold fish kind of way.
      Grace: But you COULD have a baby and get married if you wanted to.

    • Fran: Oh, Joshie, why aren't you eating? (Tastes baby food) Oh, Niles! what the hell is this?
      Niles: Pureed lemon and brussel sprouts.
      Fran: The stuff that came outta him is more appetizing than that!

    • C.C.: Before Nanny Fine we didn't have to step foot into a place like this.
      Hooker: C.C. girlfriend, gotcha again huh?
      C.C.: She must have me confused with someone else. I have never seen her before in my life.
      Hooker: Oh, that chica, that's cool, just stay off of Second, Leon is looking for you.
      C.C.: Maxwell I swear!
      Niles: Here you go. (Gives hooker money)
      Hooker: That good for you?
      Niles: Oh, it was wonderful. I could do it again and again.

    • Fran: Men. What are you gonna do?
      Woman in jail: Well, I'm not gonna shoot him next time.

    • Maxwell: This woman, my nanny is accused of a crime that I can assure you she didn't commit.
      Sergeant: Prostitution?
      Fran: I'm not a HOOKER! I'm a kidnapper.

    • Fran: Niles, do we have any old nipples?
      C.C.: Hello hello! (Niles bites down on Fran's coat)

    • C.C. How could anyone be so careless as to forget a living thing?
      Niles: That reminds me, Yellow Cab called. You left your dog in the taxi again.
      C.C.: I knew it! That's where I left my Gucci umbrella!
      Niles: Watch, she'll come back with the Gucci and not the Poochie.

    • Fran: We can take the subway!
      Maxwell: Oh yes, pick up another one! You can start your own bowling team!

    • Maxwell: How many gay men could there be in New York?
      Fran: This from a man who produces Broadway musicals!

    • Man On Subway: Gimme a dollar!
      Fran: What do I look like, Santa Claus?! YOU give ME a dollar! (He does)
      Brighton: Whoa, you weren't even scared!
      Fran: I should be scared everytime someone shouts in my face? Please, you've never seen my mother watch The Price is Right.

    • Policeman: (to Fran) You have the right to remain silent.
      Maxwell: You obviously don't know her very well.

    • Niles: What's the difference between a butler and a houseboy?
      Maxwell: In your case, about 30 years, Niles.
      Niles: Rot in jail, sir.

    • Niles: (As Fran enters the house with a baby) Ohhhh. Yard sale at Mia Farrow's?

  • Notes

    • The closing credits featured Fran making a parody of the famous Sharon Stone leg-crossing scene in Basic Instinct.

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