The Nanny

Season 3 Episode 8

The Party's Over

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 06, 1995 on CBS

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  • Fran throws a party when Mr. Sheffield is out of town. Of course, the only appealing man at her party is a cop who arrests her for running a business without a licence. Mr. Sheffield struggles with how to handle the situation. Milton Berle guest stars.

    This is a cute episode. Poor Fran and Val (is there ever a happy ending for Val?) are trying to find themselves some men and throw a party. When they get caught Maggie tries to take the blame because Mr. Sheffield says "of course you didn't throw the party Ms. Fine, no one is that dumb, and of course I'd have to fire you if you did." But Niles points out how much the character of the children has been improved - for example, Maggie sacrificing herself for Fran, and Mr. Sheffield realizes he's right. It's a nice development, Mr. Sheffield starting to see Fran.

    Maggie wants to go to a Nine Inch Nails concert? Okay...