The Nanny

Season 1 Episode 12

The Show Must Go On

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 26, 1994 on CBS



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    • Fran: She's upstairs tapping her brains out like a deranged Anne Miller!
      Niles: That's redundant.

    • Fran: She's been tapping for hours! I tell you, it's unheard of!
      Niles: I'll say. I just waxed the floor.

    • Maxwell: Who did the wardrobe, A&P?
      Fran: I had a choice of paper or plastic, but you know they really discourage plastic bags on kids' heads.

    • Brighton: I can't believe Dad made us come.
      Maggie: This is gonna be so lame.
      Niles: Children, this is your sister's big night. We should support her.
      Brighton: I brought cards.
      Niles: I'll deal.

    • Fran: Mr. Sheffield, can the producer fire the director?
      Maxwell: Yes.
      Fran: Ohh?
      Maxwell: As easily as the father can fire the nanny.
      Fran: Oh.

    • Maxwell: My father pushed me and look where I am today.
      Fran: 3000 miles and an ocean away!

    • Andrea: My mother says my voice is a gift.
      Maxwell: Well, return it.

    • Fran: Don't run with that sign, you could put an eye out! I just gave my first piece of direction!
      Niles: And I was there.

    • Fran: Me? But I don't know anything about theater.
      Maxwell: Odd, that's never stopped you from doing anything.

    • Maxwell: This is Emma Truesdale, Lexington's Head Mistress.
      Fran: Oh, head mistress. (Quietly) Honey, you're living in a dream world. No matter what they say, they never leave their wives.

    • Fran: Wasn't it sweet how they hung the arts and crafts out in the hall? I tell you that Pablo, very talented kid!
      Maxwell: That was a Picasso, Miss Fine.
      Fran: An adult did those? Eh.

    • Fran: You get to play with other kids, wear makeup, and it's a great way to get guys.
      Grace: What do I do with them once I get them?
      Fran: Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    • Fran: What do you think, Mags?
      Maggie: The black one. Smaller price tags are easier to hide and you can still return it.
      Fran: Very good! I tell you, at this age, they're like a sponge.
      Brighton: With almost as much personality!

    • Brighton: Niles, this steak is a little tough.
      Niles: So is life. And then you die.

    • Maxwell: Why are you so dressed up for a P.T.A. meeting?
      Fran: Because some of those P's and T's could be lonely he's.
      Niles: You've certainly got the A for it.

  • Notes

    • Guest Steve Posner had some other minor roles on the show. He is the dialogue coach and would later direct one of the show's episode.

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