The Nanny

Season 5 Episode 23

The Wedding (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 13, 1998 on CBS

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  • This is my absolute favorite episode! It is definitely a classic too! They managed to make it sweet and romantic and funny. Fran finally got Max, and life is gonna be different (for the better!).

    Part 1 ended with Maxwell taking Fran, Val and Sylvia to Sylvia's house. We start this installment with Fran and Val lying on her bed discussing how things will never be the same, and how Val has earned the title of the last girl in her class to get married. Then Sylvia enters, wanting to have a heart to heart with Fran. She reads her speech about how happy she is (and we discover Fran is between 34 and 36!) and that she will miss her daughter, but Fran reassures her that things will be the same "I may be living with Maxwell but you'll always live ... in your own home."

    After a scene with Maxwell and Niles, we go to Fran's dressing room, where Val confesses she forgot Fran's something blue. Whilst Fran is in the middle of killing Val, there is a knock at the door and Fran changes her demeanor with "Now class it up. That could be someone from his side of the family!" It is, Jocelyn. Who subtly (and without knowing it) informs Fran that she and Maxwell will never make it, just like Joc and Lester.

    Then we go to the actual wedding, and everything is going as planned (except for C.C. attempting to sabotage the wedding) but where is the bride? Fran does not come when her song plays and Sylvia goes with "Friends and Family, excuse me for one moment. I'LL KILL HER!"

    Fran is crying on the couch and when Max comes in "Darling, I don't know if you forgot to check in your calender today, but it says GET MARRIED!" Fran tells Max that she thinks they are too different to work out, but Max tells her all the right things, about how special she is. "You blew in to our lives like whirlwind, made us all feel alive again. For that alone, I'll love you forever" Thats it, this is the love of her life, and Jocelyn and Lester are not gonna stop her from spending the rest of her life with him.

    We then go too Fran, looking beautiful as she walks down the isle in that $14,000 dollar dress! There is the I Do's and "Does anyone have good cause to why these two should be married, and if so speak now or forevermore hold your peace" But Sylvia gives the crowd a look and we know that won't be happening. Well, "I now pronounce your husband and wife, you may kiss your bride!" Of course they share an extremely long kiss.

    Then we see the afterparty. Where everyone is having a flat out fun time! Mr and MRS Sheffield are certainly overjoyed. We can see that they will never meet the same fate as Joc and Lester did!

    Then we go to Fran and Max on their honeymoon. They are kissing happily on a cruise and Fran opens with "I can't believe I'm ... kissing a married man" They get really passionate and Max is going to take a picture to remember her like this forever. However, when Fran sits on the side of the boat, she flips her hair back. But she flips with her hair, over the boat. Max comes back and can't find her, until he looks in the ocean. He then jumps in to rescue his wife.