The Nanny

Season 6 Episode 13

The Yummy Mummy

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 03, 1999 on CBS



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    • (Fran and Brighton are at Harvard examining his brochure)
      Brighton: Man, look at all the famous people that went to Harvard. I mean you got John Kennedy, Ralph Nader, T.S. Eliot... who's Fred Gwynne?
      Fran: Hello? Herman Munster!

    • Val: You know, Fran, maybe you should go with Brighton on all these college tours. You know, I think it would take your mind off all your worries.
      (Brighton is putting on a charade to get Val to retract her idea)
      Fran: That's a fantastic idea, Val!
      (Fran looks at Brighton, who holds his hands up)
      Brighton: (voice quavering) My mother's coming with me to colleges, how happy am I?
      Fran: Aw, you don't have to tell me! (to Val) Look at his face, he's crying!

    • (Fran and Val look through Brighton's college brochures)
      Fran: I remember how difficult it was choosing a college.
      Brighton: Fran, you went to beauty school.
      Fran: College, sweetie. Beauty college.

    • Maxwell: Dr. Reynolds, I'm a little concerned about one thing. When exactly would be the right time for us to stop having, um... sexual relations?
      Fran: I'd say when the flatulence kicks in.

    • Fran: Hello, I'm Fran Sheffield.
      Dean Sterrett: Ah, hello, Mrs. Sheffield, I'm Dean Sterrett.
      Fran: Do you know you are the fourth person named Dean that I've met today?

    • Student: Check her out. She is pure honey.
      (a blonde student walks by)
      Brighton: Who, the blonde? Oh, yeah, she's a hottie.
      Student: No, the brunette.
      (Brighton follows his gaze to find he's talking about Fran)

    • Dean Sterrett: I happen to be the Chair of my department.
      Fran: Oh?! Do you do Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves?

    • C.C.: I'm being taken out tonight.
      Niles: Oh, in that case, I'll open the drapes and give the gunman a cleaner shot.

    • Fran: You know, Miss Babcock, for your information, I just found out: I'm not stupid. I'm sexy.
      C.C.: Nanny Fine, don't sell yourself short. You're both!
      Fran: Well, I am smart enough to know I have just been insulted, and sexy enough not to care!

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    • Fran envisioning what her life would be like with five children is a spoof of the 1970 show The Partridge Family.