The Nanny

Season 3 Episode 18

Val's Boyfriend

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 05, 1996 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (a waiter brings Fran and C.C. sushi)
      Fran: Mmm, so what's the green stuff?
      C.C.: Wasabi... it's like mustard.
      Fran: Mmm, I love mustard! (globs it on her sushi)
      So tell me, how's working with Marvin Hamlisch?
      C.C.: How should I know, I never met the man.
      Fran: What about that picture in the paper?
      C.C.: Nanny Fine, I know the editor; the entire cover was a fake!
      Fran: (referring to a dog) You mean, Pepe didn't fly the plane? (eats the sushi with all the wasabi)
      C.C. Nanny fine, you've just got to get Maxwell to ask me back! (Fran gets a weird look on her face and falls on the floor because of all the spicy wasabi she ate)
      You've got to do this for me! For old time's sake! We go way back! Remember that time you ate the rubber shrimp? (from the floor Fran reaches for a glass of water but C.C. drinks from it and Fran waves her fist in frustration... she gets up)
      Fran: (without her nasal voice) Gee, you know that mustard really clears up the nasal passages! I like it! I wonder how long (nasally) it's gonna last?