The Nanny

Season 3 Episode 21

Where's the Pearls?

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 26, 1996 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Maxwell: It doesn't matter who's coming over, Miss Fine, because you're not going to meet her... him, or it.
      Fran: You know, I cannot believe that you don't trust me. I mean, I sit here cooped up in the house all day, you never introduce me to any of the stars that you know, you never let me in any of your shows. I have a good mine to get Little Ricky and... oh.
      C.C.: Nanny Fine, I need you to drop off this script to Antonio Banderas!
      Fran: Forget it, Miss Babcock. I already know who's coming over here.
      C.C.: You told her about Elizabeth Taylor?!
      Maxwell: No. YOU did!