The Nanny

Season 6 Episode 18

Yetta's Letters (3)

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jun 16, 1999 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Yetta said she came in a ship from Romania and met her future husband in America, but in the final episode she states that she spent her first wedding anniversary fleeing Poland.

  • Quotes

    • Maxwell: (After catching Niles and C.C. in bed) I just don't understand! What happened? Five hours ago, they were at each others throat.
      Fran: Apparently, they decided to move downward.

    • Maxwell: How did Andrew Lloyd Webber get Yetta's letters? Now I don't know exactly how. I don't know exactly why. But I do know that this is somehow your fault.
      Fran: I had nothing to do with it! But I'd fire that idiot secretary you hired. I think she steals.
      Maxwell: How could you do this to me? How could she do this to me? I'm mish buckah!
      Fran: Well, excuse me! But as I recall, I offered them to you and your exact words were "no, no, no"!
      Maxwell: And since when did you take "no, no, no" for an answer? You know what, lady? Married life has made you soft.

  • Notes

    • Ryan McPartlin, who is one of the performers in this episode, would later go on to star as Fran Drescher's boyfriend in her 2005 sitcom "Living With Fran".

    • At one point during the episode, Fran argues with Maxwell that "just because Yetta thinks we're Rob and Laura Petrie and she's our neighbor Millie, that doesn't make her senile." Of course, Ann Guilbert played the part of Millie Helper on the 60's sitcom "The Dick Van Dyke Show," where Millie and her husband, Jerry lived next door from Rob and Laura Petrie, portrayed by Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore. This is one of the numerous references to that show during The Nanny's run.

  • Allusions

    • During the flashback scene where Yetta met the waiter, her hand touches a steamed-up porthole (indicating that they did in fact make love). This could be an allusion to the love scene between Rose and Jack in Titanic.

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