The Nanny

Season 4 Episode 23

You Bette Your Life

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 30, 1997 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Watch the actor who plays Keith. When he enters the house, he doesn't have his glasses on. When the camera changes the angle, suddenly he does.

  • Quotes

    • Sylvia: (to Fran) How come you're standing next to Fidel Castro?
      (Fran takes the paper)
      Fran: Ma, that's Miss Babcock. Niles had the paper first.

    • Maxwell: (about a charity auction they're organizing) Good idea, C.C., putting Tom at our table.
      Fran: (overhearing) So who's Tom, and does he have a Cruise, Hanks or Selleck after his name?
      Maxwell: Rosenstein.
      Fran: Does he have a Dr. before it?
      Maxwell: He happens to be one of the richest men in New York, and if shmoozed properly will be investing five million dollars in our next show.
      Fran: Wow. Never mind what he's got in front or after his name. Does he have an "and Mrs." anywhere near it?

    • Bette Midler: I adore your accent.
      Fran: Oh thanks, I owe it all to Queens.
      Bette Midler: Same with me and my career.

    • Bette Midler: (about the New York Restoration project) You know, we're not here just to clean up the parks. We're going to get all the trash out of this city. I did my part. I moved to L.A.

    • (Niles is standing in a gown in the kitchen, as Bette passes by chasing Fran)
      Niles: Oh, Miss Midler. I'm one of your biggest fans!
      Bette Midler: (Looks Niles up and down and laughs) That's a shocker!

    • Val: I know what he's going through. I saw my grandfather die after his lung machine suddenly stopped. Oh, it was so sad. 'Cause I brought him a tape of our glee club, and just when I found a place to plug it in... (Fran looks at her in disbelief) ...he went.
      Fran: (In shock) Val! I didn't know you had a tape of your glee club.

    • Fran: Wait a minute! What do you think that they would pay for a wise, responsible person to take care of their children for a day?
      Maxwell: Oh, now that's a very good idea! But you know, I might even bid on that myse... oh, you mean you.
      Fran: Excuse me, but what happened to the day when you actually tried to hide your horror?
      Maxwell: (Stammers) Uh well, um, you see, uh, the thing is I-I'm... uh, I'm afraid that um... you... you're so good that... um... someone might... steal you away... from... um... me!
      Fran: Now was that so hard?

    • C.C.: I am so sick of planning this charity event. (Hands Maxwell a seating chart) How am I going to fit four more people at this table?
      Niles: Give up your seat.

    • Max: We have a little saying in the theater. Mess up with the investor, move back in with your mother.
      Fran: Well I have a saying too. Mess with the nanny... please!

  • Notes

    • Fran mentions her "Donna Pescow autographed TV
      Guide" when offering Maxwell items for the auction. Fran Drescher made her movie debut in "Saturday Night Fever" which starred Donna Pescow.

  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode is based on Groucho Marx's 1950 radio and TV game show You Bet Your Life.

    • Fran: ...he's gonna turn into Tommy!

      This is a reference to Tommy, the first of The Who's two full-scale rock operas. Tommy was the traumatized protagonist. Tommy became deaf, dumb, and blind as a result of being a witness to the death of his mother's lover at the hand of his father, Captain Walker.