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The Nate Berkus Show

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Design expert, best-selling author and contributor to The Oprah Winfrey Show, Nate Berkus takes on design challenges, showcases home improvement and personal makeover stories, and offers tips and tricks on The Nate Berkus Show.


    News Briefs: The CW Bumps Ringer, 90210 for an Awful-Sounding Reality Show

    Plus: Castle adds an extra episode and Supernatural's Bobby is Justified.

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    • my home

      Hi Nate I Live in a home that needs a little twee king first of all I love your show please send me some ideas of what I can do on a very tight budjet,Thank you' my email address is again thankyou:-)
    • redecorating a smaller apartment 80 %

      Hi I love your idea but I need help I have a husband that likes to keep things and add things to a room but we are really downsizing the place we are living in in January is very small and I need help organize g and still put the gas were I want I need so e ideas
    • I have to see it first!!


      Love your shows, but you have a very nifty product that you use when you are showing how to design a room. Can you tell me where to get that program. I have a sun-room that I want to re-do but I have to see the furniture in the room before I can say, THAT"S IT!. Naturally, I can't buy it all and then say nope take that back.... please help!!moreless
    • need help for organization for a disablied artist/crafter

      Dear Nate, first I love u and ur show; your down to earth and you are so good to others so I figured if anyone could help it would be you. I am disabled and am an artist/craftier and i live in a 600 sq ft apt in San Diego ca. I need help organizing my home/art station. I have no room to store anything and really could use your help. I watch ur episode of organizing but it doesn't fit my situation. Could you please help. My number is 619-265-6274. I am at wits end and haven't been able to do any art n crafts in months, please help.

      Sincerely, Rebecca Leahy

    • Is It REAL

      To get right to the point I am in the process of losing our home! In an attempt to hold onto the house that 20+ kids grew up in I have an idea to redo headboards any time of the season and Also an oil painting brought back w Col. Russell in 1940ish Which May have been sitting on our family walls all this time to save our home I would love a link to send you pics Time is not on my side With a tear running down my cheek I hope and pray this is one of the answers Thank you Nate by the way I record your show so I can watch it when I get home from work Linda @moreless

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