The Neighbors

Season 1 Episode 2

Journey to the Center of the Mall

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 03, 2012 on ABC

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  • Journey to the Center of the Mall I've contemplated this concept years ago.

    Journey to the Center of the Mall was a perfect episode of The Neighbors and I really enjoyed watching because the key plot element was something I've thought about before. What would Aliens think about this or that etc... This episode showed the series true potential at making us observe ourselves from an outside perspective. The characters showed a little more depth in this episode. I definitely see this show having a decent run because it appeals to many audiences. I like how they show the Aliens' true forms and how the two mothers are connecting. There is so much going on yet the format is simple for all audiences to enjoy. I certainly look forward to watching more!!!!!!!!!
  • Seriously??? Still dumb!

    This show has still not gotten much better! My score is still in the red. The next episode has to be at least 5/10 material for me to watch any more.
  • Fun and silly!

    It's the new Mork & Mindy.