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  • Sure miss the Neighbors

    This show always cracked me up. I still can't imagine why it was cancelled. ABC still floundering trying to find a replacement show as good. Blackish is pretty funny, but the Neighbors was hilarious.
  • Gonna miss it. Maybe not the funniest on TV, but it was something!

    Okay. I admit it wasn't the most hilarious or imaginative show on television, but it was good, clean, witty entertainment. In times like this - when cops/investigators and so-called reality garbage rule - fun stuff like this is very hard to find on network TV. It wasn't meant to be believable, just good fun. And it was. Also, if the show hurt your tender feelings, you really (really, really) shouldn't be watching television - except for maybe Sesame Street? Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood? Hope that big bird won't scare you, though....
  • Please allow more thought before just dropping a show.

    This is a very good comedy show. I found myself always looking forward to watching the next episode. I cannot say it is my top show, however, it could always be counted on to fill a space and give me a few laughs. I do think season 2 was better than season 1. This show could not have cost that much to make and should have been profitable. So sad....
  • I will miss The Neighbors

    I really enjoyed this showed and always found myself laughing. It was well written and clever. but alas, it has been canceled.
  • Now that,s a musical

    I love this show . Good clean all shows there is the odd average episode but this weeks episode was good fun .Great musical fun .And the quip at the end ,Wrong Indian .Hope it gets renewed.
  • Best campy sit-com since Gilligan's Island

    I love the writing in this show and the clean cut family values. It is nice to go through a whole show without blatant references to someone's genitals, recent bathroom break, last night's one night stand or which drugs they prefer for getting high. You can bet this one won't last long in the moral cesspool of Hollywood. Too bad for the wonderful actors. The decline of our civilization is becoming a freefall.
  • Reunite Reggie and Amber and stop the sadness on this comedy

    I really liked this, as a fun comedy with a quality cast when it first started, but now it is more sad than funny. Reggie Jackson and Amber need to get back together. If it doesn't happen in one more episode or so, then I'm a former "Neighbors" viewer, and that leaves me with only "The Middle" and "Sing Off" to watch.
  • Quirky and funny !

    I have to say this series was a very positive surprise. When I first saw the premise, I thought - oh no, another sci-fi take on alien-human interactions, another clone of 3rd rock from the sun. But after a few episodes, this series had me hooked. The writing is very good and sends a moral in every episode. And the acting is just amazing !! Each actor is very believable in his or her role. The point is - how would an alien see the normal human incidents we take for granted - some of the insights are very refreshing which we do not see in any other series. The standouts for me are the alien dad and mom, along with the creepy alien kid with the long hair.

    I watch a lot of TV comedies but there are very few that actually have me laughing out loud - this is one such when there are unexpected moments that have you guffawing.

    I am glad to see this was renewed for a second season - I hope it wins over its critics soon and keeps existing fans such as myself happy and laughing for longer !
  • It's not cancelled yet?

    Wow! I can't believe it's still running!
  • Ugh! They seriously renewed this?

    I cannot stand this show. It's hard to imagine this show being renewed and so many (actually good ones)others are cancelled. I fail to understand.....

    BIG question is what would anyone do if they found out there neighbor is an Extra Terrestrial? This show sheds some light on unique situations which are close to plausible and real. Excellent wit and it will make even the hardest and strongest viewer twitch with a smile!
  • Funny show

    This is such a funny show with a interesting plot. I'm glad their making a season 2. :)
  • A Waste of Time That Somehow Got Renewed Despite Its Extreme Stupidity

    I watched seven episodes of this show, and I only rated one of those at least 7/10. I did not like this show. It was stupid, and a lot of the cast was annoying, especially the oldest daughter. The alien mother was definately the best cast member, and funniest on the show.

    I am very upset that this show got renewed. It did not deserve renewal, though How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) did. I hope and think that this show will die early into season two. They should be happy if they get over 13 episodes before cancelation next season.
  • Great show with a wink

    This show combines the homely feeling of a family show with sudden spurts of irony and sarcasm. It has quirky characters, a ridiculous story and doesn't take itself seriously. Makes for a great and very entertaining combination :-)
  • Quirky Show

    Love this quirky show. It's fun to watch and is smarter about how the socially clumsy aliens interact with humans than any other show ever made. Love watching it and can hardly wait for it to come on every week.
  • Ugliest cast on TV

    The humans are uglier than the aliens (with the exception of Larry), who the hell was the casting director? I know they supposed to be an average family but couldn't they picked a babe as the daughter (think Modern Family) and a mother not like that.

    If they would keep the show I would fun if another family would move instead of these characters and bring more attractive actors and new plot lines.

    I literally can't think of a TV show with uglier mugs than here.

    Was interesting to watch but they should consider adding a laugh track to see what people are laughing about because i haven't laughed once.

    The problem is that the aliens are acting to human-like, like they are humans born in a nuclear bunker who resurfaced.

    I don't know if they suck at it, but the way they explain to the aliens what people do and do not is not funny, funny would be to let them into society to act strange, but there is probably little budget for that.

    There are so many funny things you can do with this setup like seeing them peeing with their nose for example, I don't know if the writers are incompetent or what but they just didn't delivered on this show, they took a good idea and they destroyed it.

    And what's up with aliens falling in love with humans. C'mon, like that would ever happen? Maybe the other way around.

    It's unlikely they'll renew this show.
  • Laugh inducing!

    I thought it was awful in the pilot, and then after a few weeks I caught up. I just love the humor and the silliness of the characters, and also their ways to criticize our prejudices and the absurdities in our lives. I can't get enough of it and I wish I could watch a new episode every day of the year. It's a quirky show that doesn't care what you think and it makes it lovable.

    Last nights episode "It has begun" was one of the best and funniest so far for this show. I was losing interest in this show, but thanks to this episode im going to continue watchin to see what "Warning" means.
  • guilty pleasure

    This show is my guilty pleasure. I find it very funny. If you don't then you just don't get it. I like someone else said. This is a show about humans being silly at things we do every day and how really silly it would seem to a bunch of aliens. The only draw back to this show is the oldest daughter, I really don't like her and if I ever treated my parents like she does I probably would never see out side of my room and the little red headed kid creeps me out in a good is my favorite one on the show..
  • Fun Show, Getting Better & Better -- Hope it's Given a Real Chance


    Snobs who think the quickly-becoming-boring Modern Family and the increasingly weird and not-in-a-good-way Suburgatory are what TV should be aren't giving this freshman sitcom enough credit. It may not be "GREAT TELEVISION," but it's often very good with superb acting by nearly everyone.

    The best thing about it is how they subtle and actually meaningful the writing is, imparting the lesson-of-the-episode in a thoughtful and often powerful way. My favorite was the episode in which young Ian Patrick (Dick Butkus) chastises Marty's mother who defends her insensitive behaviour by saying something like "Oh, It's just all part of the

    Patrick, with his inimitable look, just looks at her and says steadily, almost eerily, "Change the

    Perfect line, perfect actor in the cast to deliver it.

  • Family favorite!

    Love the story line and how ridiculous we sound when explaining why we do the things we do to aliens. It just goes to show how ridiculous we are at times and that's funny! Good this show going but don't get political or you'll lose half your audience.
  • this is a universal truth

    this show is crazy funny! lots of fun, lots of heart

    if you don't like it at first, give it some time, it will get you very soon!!!

    This is by far the worst show possible!! I consider it junk TV!!!!!!!!
  • The Neighbors

    It seems like an ok show think the writers really need to pay attention to whos feelings could be hurt! I understand comedy but I also like a certain when the show made reference to "The fat Kardashian" not so cool! We are trying to raise are kids to be open to different body types and colors, we also try to stay away from not so nice don't know if we will be watching this show very often:(
  • I Wanted To Hate It But I Love It

    When I first read about this show I couldn't believe it. I thought there's no way this would last 4 episodes. The premise was so stupid. But because I have always had a thing for Jami Gertz , I watched the pilot. Afterwards i thought, "Not Bad." And by the time the Halloween episode aired I was hooked. My advice is to anyone watching is just relax, suspend your incredulity and enjoy.
  • new guilty pleasure

    talk about a dark horse... absurd premise, brilliant writing with well fleshed out characters and impeccably good actors that have spot on timing! I have split my sides with laughter while appreciating some fine cultural insight presented in a manner not hated for it's saccharine veneer. I thought Jami Gertz would steal the show... and she IS great but the entire ensemble gets two thumbs up from me. TV gods, please keep this around for another season!
  • love It

    Just love this soo funny...!!! Love the 'Wife"
  • Terrific and inventive

    Terrific and inventive show that gets better and better! But I think it may be a show that you either get or just don't get at all. And that's a quality worth keeping on the air.
  • Really Boring!

    Tried to watch 5 episodes, and it didn't get better. I have no problem with this show being cancelled.
  • So funny

    ... i dont get the low rating of the show in here, i find it really funny, i really hope for another season!

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