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  • Ugliest cast on TV

    The humans are uglier than the aliens (with the exception of Larry), who the hell was the casting director? I know they supposed to be an average family but couldn't they picked a babe as the daughter (think Modern Family) and a mother not like that.

    If they would keep the show I would fun if another family would move instead of these characters and bring more attractive actors and new plot lines.

    I literally can't think of a TV show with uglier mugs than here.

    Was interesting to watch but they should consider adding a laugh track to see what people are laughing about because i haven't laughed once.

    The problem is that the aliens are acting to human-like, like they are humans born in a nuclear bunker who resurfaced.

    I don't know if they suck at it, but the way they explain to the aliens what people do and do not is not funny, funny would be to let them into society to act strange, but there is probably little budget for that.

    There are so many funny things you can do with this setup like seeing them peeing with their nose for example, I don't know if the writers are incompetent or what but they just didn't delivered on this show, they took a good idea and they destroyed it.

    And what's up with aliens falling in love with humans. C'mon, like that would ever happen? Maybe the other way around.

    It's unlikely they'll renew this show.