The Neighbors - Season 1

ABC (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • It Has Begun ...
    Episode 22

    The Bird-Kersees and the Weavers head to Atlantic City for some fun where it's discovered that Larry Bird can see through cards. Jackie owns up to wanting a human wedding. Dick Butkus takes a call from his grandpa indicating their time on Earth might be near the end.

  • 3/20/13

    Debbie revitalizes her purse business and, with Jackie's help, is soon drowning in an unworkable number of orders.

  • 3/13/13

    Exploring the world outside of Hidden Hills, the Bird- Kersees head to the city to see a Broadway musical which in turn inspires Larry to put on one of his own. Everything goes well until the fancy footwork slips up Dick and they call 9-1-1 - instead of going to Marty and Debbie.

  • 3/6/13

    The Bird-Kersees get Marty to teach them to drive a car, they can fly a space ship so how difficult can driving be. Amber decides to use a Driver's Ed teacher instead of her dad, a decision she soon regrets.

  • Camping
    Episode 18

    The Weavers and the Bird-Kersees head to the great outdoors for a weekend of camping. Debbie and Jackie work to make sure the weekend is a success for a clueless Marty.

  • Larry and Reggie, obsessed with winning an Oscar for Best Documentary, videotape the school spelling bee finals featuring Max and Dick Butkus.

  • Mother Clubbers
    Episode 16

    To boost their self esteem and desirability, Debbie and Jackie go clubbing at the new hip club Hell. Marty and Larry Bird put themselves into Amber's hands for a makeover.

  • Space Invaders
    Episode 15

    Reggie Jackson's relationship advice from Debbie backfires, while Amber refuses to talk about her new boyfriend, Jeremy.

  • The Back Nine
    Episode 14

    The Weavers and Bird-Kersees compete for membership in a brand-new, exclusive country club.

  • Dream Weavers
    Episode 13

    Amber and Reggie's school dance creates "high school" drama for their parents. Debbie's attempt to re-create a romantic moment from her courtship with Marty backfires and Jackie's fascination with their courtship has her trying to change the history of how she met Larry.

  • Cold War
    Episode 12

    When the entire Weaver family gets a cold and Larry Bird learns there is no cure, Larry quarantines the Weaver house.

  • The Gingerbread Man
    Episode 11

    Supreme leader Larry Bird imparts his experience to help Debbie navigate PTA politics while Jackie tries her hand at helping Marty coach soccer.

  • Juan of the Dead
    Episode 10

    The alien community learns about death when their beloved gardener, Juan, unexpectedly dies. Even though Debbie and Marty try to explain that death is something all humans experience, Larry Bird is determined to solve that problem.

  • Merry Crap-Mas
    Episode 9

    Things go awry when Marty and Debbie ask the Bird-Kersees to hide the Christmas gifts they've bought for Amber, Max and Abby, and then decide to return the gifts and spend the money on a vacation. Larry Bird and the aliens have opened all the gifts leaving no gifts and no money for the Weavers to take a trip. It will be up to Larry Bird to save the day.

  • 11/14/12

    Debbie wants a different kind of Thanksgiving this year. Rather than celebrate with Marty's parents, Debbie wants to invite Larry, Jackie, Reggie and Dick instead. Nothing goes as planned when aliens, alien and human in-laws and the Weavers have Thanksgiving all under one roof.

  • 50 Shades of Green
    Episode 7

    Marty and Debbie's wedding anniversary coincides with Zabvronian mating season. Debbie wants more romance after learning about the cerebral Zabvronian way while Jackie is enthralled by the human physical style. Amber heads to a make-out party and Reggie tags along.

  • 10/31/12

    While Debbie whirls around insanely planning the perfect birthday for Abby, Jackie does her best to help. Lenny lets Larry follow him around work for a day while Reggie looks to find the perfect gift for Amber.

  • Halloween-ween
    Episode 5

    In Hidden Hills, Halloween has always been viewed as a threat, so each year they put a barrier to keep the trick-or-treaters out. The Weavers though are extremely excited about their first Halloween in the suburbs and want to let the costumed children in. For the first time, the Weaver children rebel against the family costume traditions and go their own way.

  • Bathroom Etiquette
    Episode 4

    Marty and Debbie take it upon themselves to prepare Dick and Reggie for their first day of human school but their anti-bullying advice creates more havoc than anyone could have expected. To top it all off, Larry and Jackie are tired of the endless parenting tips from Marty and Debbie.

  • 10/10/12
    Larry (Simon Templeman) and Jackie (Toks Olagundoye) head into misguided territory during their quest to become convincing human beings. Larry embarrasses himself when he crashes a poker party, while Jackie watches trashy TV and models her behavior on the cat fights and gossiping she sees. Reggie (Tim Jo) gets angry at his clueless parents.moreless
  • 10/3/12
    Debbie (Jami Gertz) has to get accustomed to living around a pack of extraterrestrials. She decides to keep a close eye on the aliens by becoming their ally. To help Reggie (Tim Jo) and Dick (Ian Patrick) learn more about human behavior, Debbie takes the two on a trip to the mall.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1

    Marty and Debbie move into a new community only to discover that their neighbors are aliens.