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Chris Hardwick is my hero. And I don't mean that ironically; he really is! I've been an avid listener of the podcast for years, a youtube channel subscriber, an email newsletter subscriber, I've read his book, I seek out every bit of his standup I can get my hands on, and scour the internet to find a way to watch The Nerdist TV show each week. So you can see I'm a super fan. But the thing that makes me admire him so much is how he was able to take his passion for all things nerdy and grow an empire from it. The advice he gives in The Nerdist Way has resonated with me. Basically he preaches that if you find a way to do what you love, positive rewards will result from it. I've been following that advice ever since. So as I popped in to my local Small Business Development Center and spotted him on this magazine cover, naturally I had to read it. It's very inspiring to read how the Nerdist empire has grown into such a huge success. I hope in some way I can follow in his footsteps!

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It's really pretty incredible. I'm a regular listener to a number of the Nerdist podcasts. He's done an awesome job bringing other talented people into the fold. Looking forward to "Talking Bad" this weekend!
I agree! Most recently I was uber-excited to see that he's added Alton Brown to the fold. Two of my favorite people!
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