The New Addams Family

Season 1 Episode 65

Death Visits the Addams Family

Aired Weekdays 7:30 AM Aug 28, 1999 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Death Visits the Addams Family
The ghoul "Death" arrives and he wants to take Gomez with him.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • This is the first episode, in memory at least, in which Morticia outright says "I love you" to Gomez. Both have repeatedly emphasized that the other is "the man/woman I love, the only one I could ever love", but never have said "I love you".

      • In the closing credits, Death is simply listed as "Buck".

      • The last line spoken during filming of the episode(which was out of sequence) was "Tish, that's French"

      • Glenn Taranto (Gomez) was the last of the lead actors ever filmed for the series.

      • As with most episodes, this was filmed out of sequence. The last scene with dialogue filmed was the one where Gomez and Morticia are in their bedroom, saying goodbye. The last thing to be filmed was of Glenn Taranto (Gomez) doing some footage with the green-screen for the fight against Death.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • (Death swings at Gomez head but misses by a inch.)
        Death:: Grrrr. Mother nature warned me about days like these!

      • Morticia: And the final event is.... (reading)jousting.
        Gomez: (To Death) Is that the best you can do?
        Morticia: (keeps reading) On a tightrope.
        Gomez: That just makes it easier!
        Morticia: Wearing (gasps) clown shoes.
        Gomez: (to Death) You fiend! How did you know my one irrational, unexplainable morbid phobia is (gasp) wearing clown shoes!

      • Morticia: (as an announcer) We are down to our final event, worth 3 points so it is still anybody's game.
        Fester: (covers the microphone) Then what's the point of the other two events?
        Morticia: Ratings.

      • Death: (breathily) I... have... come... for... you!
        Gomez: (looks at Morticia, confused) What makes gum clouds blue? I don't know.

      • Wednesday: Remember, Father. When battling for your immortal soul, don't look down.

    • NOTES (2)

      • In an interview, Glenn Taranto mentioned that the painting of a beautiful woman showed early in this episode was a poor choice. He does not believe the Addamses would have a picture like that.

      • In a bit of irony with the title of this episode Death visits the Addams Family this is true since it was the last episode of the show. So in fact death really did visit the Addams Family.

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