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  • One I Grew Up On

    Various ep (99)
  • The Addams Family (Snap Snap)

    This show is about a socially different Addams family. I'm sorry but i don't really remember what happened in this show, its been a very long time since i have seen it, but from what i can recall it was one of my favorite shows when i was a kid. The show has the madly in love Gomez and Mortisha, Fester the grey skinned explosive loving uncle, who can light up a light bulb with his mouth, Wednesday a young girl that takes pleasure in torturing her brother, and Pugsley the son, who is constantly being harassed by his sister.

    ... I'm pretty sure i spelled their names wrong.
  • Not exactly like the original, but that doesn't make it bad. Actors are all quite good, especially Ellie, Nicole and Christopher Shyer (as Vlad). An overall good adaption of the original series, which only helps to keep the Addamses alive to children.

    No, it is not exactly the same as the original. But that doesn't make it bad by definition. Much of it is actually very similar to the original. If it was identical, we'd all be complaining that it was just a rip-off. Instead, they adapted the show and added pieces to it. I'd say they did quite a good job.

    I tend to like the cast of the movies better, but that does not take away from the quality of the cast here. Ellie Harvie and Nicole Fugere are particularly good, and it's hard to deny Glenn Taranto's striking resemblance to John Astin. There are some newly added episodes (one of which, Deadbeat Relatives) is a personal favourite. One thing I do love which they added was the character of Vlad Addams, who I do not remember being in the original at all. Christopher Shyer is simply amazing in that role.

    Overall, it is a good adaption of the original series, sparking the interest of the newer generation and keeping the Addams Family quite alive.
  • Watch the original series instead

    This series is guilty of a multitude of sins.
    First, it offers almost nothing new (as far as I could tell). If you're familiar with the original series, there is almost no reason to watch this show. Instead of new episodes, the audience is treated to modern re-makes of episodes from the 60's Addams Family (who asked for that?!).

    Second, all the actors ham it up...all the time! It's like a high school drama class (not that there's anything wrong with that). Instead of offering an honest portrayal of their character, the actors instead give a Caricature performance; wildly exaggerating how these same characters were portrayed in the 60's. Michael Roberds as Fester is particularly guilty of this. And for some reason Lurch now sounds like he’s mentally challenged. Don’t get me wrong; I want to like this series, but the actors make it very hard.

    Also, the low budget is very evident in the cheesy effects. The show is now wackier and goofier. I know it’s done on purpose, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

    I watched the show when it first came out in 1998; it has re-surfaced again recently on TV. Now that I’m older, I realize how bad this show is.
  • Lame copy of the original.

    The New Addams Family Show really could done a lot. But it didn't. Why? Couple of things are responsible : First thing is that the writers just took the same stories from the old black and white show ,instead of writing some new funny and more modern stories. The other thing is bad cast - two guys that playing Gomez and Fester are awful. If I even decide to watch the episode till the end I give up because of those two. And Lurch ,that's not the Lurch we all love and care. Real Lurch is tall ,strong ,and talk funny with that famous aaghhhh. The only character I really found amusing is Wednesday. Girl who plays her is great ,but she is not cute and funny like Christina Richie in the movie.
    It even hasn't got that good old Addams music theme ,for God's sake!
  • good adaption of the original

    watched it every day as a kid. I'm mad theres no way to watch it now. unless it's on DVD but i doubt it. It was a lot better than the original, it's funnier for pugsly to be the scaredy cat nerd running for his life. Fester and Thing were the best characters!

  • It averages with the old series in an indescribable way.

    It is a repeat of the old series, but is still funny, well roled, and underrated. It should be filmed at an earlier time, instead of 12:30 at night, that way the show can become more popular, or at least not underrated ever so much. I give it a 10 for not having so many faults in it as other shows on TV.
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