The New Adventures of Batman

CBS (ended 1978)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Seeking revenge on Batman and Robin, Zarbor uses a mind-altering ray on the both of them, turning them into the villainous Crime Crusaders. With Batman and Robin helpless to stop themselves, only Bat-Mite is left to rescue them and defeat Zarbor.
    • 5/19/77
      Batman and Robin track Zarbor back to his home planet, where they find the missing nuclear power plants. While there, they have to do battle with the incredibly powerful villain before the Earth runs out of power.
    • 5/12/77
      The Joker, Clayface, Catwoman and Penguin launch a simultaneous assault on Gotham City, and then Batman and Robin when they turn up to stop them. While this battle rages on, another villain known as Zarbor, who is another imp from Bat-Mite's home planet of Ergo, steals all of the Earth's nuclear power plants.moreless
    • Penguin creates the Crime-Slime, which has the capacity to turn anyone evil and plots on using it on Batman and Robin to make them his henchmen. He appears to accomplish that, but not before switching bodies with Batmite.

    • Dead Ringers
      Episode 12

      Clayface recruits a circus acrobat with a remarkable resemblance to Robin, and together, they pose as Batman and Robin, in order to steal an oil-locating device. The real Caped Crimefighters must prove themselves innocent, and then defeat their doppelgangers.

    • The Deep Freeze
      Episode 11

      Mr. Freeze is very annoyed that he is not considered one of Batman's most powerful foes, and so decides to set the record straight by stealing a recently-unveiled nuclear submarine, which he plans to use to commit crimes all over the world. Batman and Robin have to stop him, but how can they when they've been frozen solid by Freeze's new freeze ray?

    • He Who Laughs Last
      Episode 10

      The Joker returns with a new devious plan boiling inside of his head.

    • The Chameleon
      Episode 9

      A new villain, the Chameleon, strikes in Gotham City causing a new kind of threat for our heroes to face.

    • 3/31/77

      The Penguin opens up a crime school, teaching teenagers to commit thefts for him. Eventually, Batman's utility belt itself is stolen, and he and Robin have to contend with the Penguin without it. The Caped Crusaders have to retrieve Batman's belt full of gadgets and defeat the Penguin and his students.

    • Bite-Sized
      Episode 7

      A super-villain from another planet, known as Electro, reduces Batman and Robin in size using a shrinking ray. Then, he uses a mind-controlling gas on his two small captives, and orders them to steal some top-secret plans from the government, Batman and Robin have to snap out of their hypnotized state, and figure out a way to return to their normal size.

    • 3/17/77

      Gotham City's oil supply is held for ransom by both Catwoman and Clayface, who are working together. The Dynamic Duo, assisted by Batgirl and Bat-Mite attempt to locate the missing oil, and stop the two super-villains.

    • 3/10/77

      Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Bat-Mite engage in underwater battles with Professor Bubbles in order to stop him from taking over the world.

    • 3/3/77

      Sweet-tooth, a sugar-obsessed villain, executes a plot 4 out of 5 dentists would reject: break into Gotham City's water supply and replace all the water there with chocolate syrup. Batman attempts to deal with the criminal, but is pressurized by his ever-increasing insane demands. Batman and Robin has to restore the water supply to the city before it's time runs out.

    • Trouble Identity
      Episode 3

      A new ecologically friendly machine is invented by a professor that can create all types of furs and fabrics from waste materials. The machine is stolen by Catwoman, leaving Batman, Robin and Batgirl to help retrieve it.

    • The Moonman
      Episode 2

      A mysterious glowing individual known as the Moonman, who has incredibly strong magnetic powers, terrorizes Gotham City. It's up to Batman, Robin and Bat-Mite to stop him.

    • The Pest
      Episode 1

      As Batman and Robin have to deal with the menace of the Joker, their problems are compounded by the arrival of Bat-Mite. It turns out that he is an imp from outer space who idolizes Batman, and wants to fight crime with him.