Batman 60's tv series uncut from studio masters dvd set

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    I'm Offer Batman 60's tv series with Adam West&Burt Ward.All 3 season 120 episodes,uncut,from studio masters.Has the rare William Dozier voice intro in 1st episode.Comes on 10 dvd set ,uncut,no logo's,each episode runs 25-26 min each,next week villan,Adam West&Burt Ward screen tests,menu selections,quality 9+,great sound,comes with 4-bonus dvds:

    Bonus #1:ABC 1966 Fall Preview special hosted by BatMan{Adam West}&Robin{Burt Ward},Batman Tv&1966 Movie promo's,Green Hornet 1966:Silent Gun Pilot.

    Bonus #2:Batman 1966 Movie

    Bonus #3:Biograph:Adam West Behind The Cowl:Hosted By Frank Gorshin.

    Bonus #4:Return To The Batcave Movie

    14-dvds total.Email for more info.

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    Love this series. They never punched the villians like the 60's filmation cartoon. The penguin didn't even sport his trade mark cigarette. Blame the lack offist fights& no smokes on the FCC! They wanted to crack down on Saturday Morning violance.Now there's no more saturday morning cartoons. Video killed the radio star & Video games killed the cartoon star.

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