The New Adventures of Batman

Season 1 Episode 9

The Chameleon

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 07, 1977 on CBS

Episode Recap

At the Gotham pier, an individual known as the Chameleon organizes a meeting of gangsters who have been defeated time and again by Batman and Robin.

He tells them that he himself will be able to get rid of the Dynamic Duo for a price by using his special ability to turn himself into any object imaginable.

The Chameleon plans to shut off Gotham Solar Power Plant, and therefore every burglar alarm in the city as well.

Bruce and Dick, attempting to enjoy an evening barbecue, despite Bat-Mite's best efforts, soon hear an ear-splitting sound and set off investigate it as Batman and Robin.

They trace the sound to the top of a building in the center of town, and run into the Chameleon, who proceeds to battle them. Bat-Mite eventually arrives, and together they are able to capture the Chameleon temporarily, but he turns into a rocket and escapes.

The gangsters demand their money back from the Chameleon after he fails to capture the Dynamic Duo, but he promises them that his next plan will not fail.

He becomes a plane and broadcasts the ear-splitting sound again, drawing out Batman and Robin in the Batplane. He heads for the Solar Power Plant, while his associates lie outside a money printing press, tailed by Batgirl.

The power goes out after Batman uses a smokescreen to prevent the Batplane from crashing, covering the solar mirror at the plant, and the gangsters attempt to steal the money, but Batgirl is on hand to stop them.

Believing the Batplane to have crashed, the Chameleon is unaware that his crime spree is about to be cut short by the Dynamic Duo.

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