The New Adventures of He-Man

(ended 1991)


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  • Season 1
    • The Final Invasion
      The Final Invasion
      Episode 65
      Key Episode For-Everyone. He-Man and the galactic guards are held back after their previous victory. In the mean time the mutants with all of their military forces attack Primus. Although the inhabitants of Primus try to defend themselves, they have no chance, the Final Battle has begun...
    • Flogg's Revenge
      Flogg's Revenge
      Episode 64
      Key Episode For-Flogg. He-Man and the Galactic Guardians are betrayed by the Masters of the Games,. And Skeletor and Flogg are already planning their revenge...
    • The Games
      The Games
      Episode 63
      Key Episode For-He-Man, Flogg, Skeletor. The Galactic Guardians and the Mutants encounter one another in the galactic Olympic Games. And He-Man and Skeletors teams go against each other...
    • A Time to Leave
      A Time to Leave
      Episode 62
      Key Episode For-The Galactic Guardians, Wulk. The Galactic Guardians are searching for a suitable trainer for the impending battle with the mutants. At the same time they run into the shady Wulk. After going into training with the Wulk, that takes place in a maze, they walk into a deadly trap...moreless
    • The Blacksmith of Crelus
      Key Episode For-The Mutants. Skeletor and the mutants go to the Blacksmith of Crelus, that produces in its atom smiths extremely effective weapons. He-Man follows them, but comes too late however, the Blacksmith has already equipped The Mutants with a stately arsenal at weapons...
    • The Call to the Games
      The Galactic Guardians and the mutants are involved in a battle with two gigantic battle stars. After the battle is finished, both parties attack each other. Now the strange power delivers an astonishing message...
    • There's Gems in Them Hills
      Key Episode For-He-Man and The Gleanon Ambassador. Skeletor frees a group of mercenaries and promises them rich prey if they terrorize planet Primus. He-Man tries to infiltrate the group, but is exposed however, and The little Bimo, ambassador of the Gleanons, proves to be a surprising rescuer in a time of need...moreless
    • The Tornadoes of Zil
      Key Episode For-Spinwit. He-Man and Spinwit go to planet Zil after picking up a radio call. The planet appears remarkably to them, previously the planet held violent storms, that made it uninhabitable...
    • The Dream Zone
      The Dream Zone
      Episode 57
      Key Episode For-Skeletor. With a new invention, Skeletor succeeds inn getting into the dream Zone. There he attacks the internal advice that maintains through its concentrated subconscious the protection signs over Primus. He-Man must follow Skeletor into the dream Zone in order to stop him...
    • Adam's Adventure
      Adam's Adventure
      Episode 56
      Key Episode For-Adam/He-Man. Skeletor has a brain waves detector, with which he can find out He-Mans location, but after Skeletor abducts a spaceship He-Man is no where to be found...
    • Queen's Gambit
      Queen's Gambit
      Episode 55
      Key Episode For-Mara, Skeletor and Crytta. Skeletor brings a meteor on collision course with Primus. Simultaneously Crytta starts a large offensive against the Mytes on Nekros. Because He-Man is busied with the meteor, he cannot come to Mara and the Mytes aid...
    • Save Our City
      Save Our City
      Episode 54
      Key Episode For-Mara. The conflict between the Mytes and the Gleanons goes into the next round. The Gleanons plan a trap with which they can surprise the Mytes and subject them. He-Man and Mara receive word of this and once again try to help the Mytes...
    • The Taking of Levitan
      Key Episode For-Kog. The interstellar protection robot Kog should pays Primus a friendly visit . But the Gleanons, now allies of the Mutants are planning to attack, and Kog begins to run amuck while He-Man and his friends try to find out why...
    • A Plague on Primus
      A Plague on Primus
      Episode 52
      Key Episode For-Mara, Drissi, Skeletor and Crytta. With the help of anxiety gas, Skeletor can change all men of Primus into trembling cowards. The gas has the opposite effect on the woman of Primus, ans When the mutants attack, the women must defend their homeland...
    • Slaves to the Machine
      Key Episode For-He Man and Skeletor. He-Man and Skeletor arrive on the planet Machina. There the inhabitantas of the planet are controlled by machines. He-Man joins a resistance organization and fights for the independence of the people of Machina. But Skeletor has other plans...
    • The Power of the Good and the Way of the Magic
      Key Episode For-Skeletor, Crytta, Flogg. Skeletor wants to subject planet Danzi, which is an ally of Primus. Although the inhabitants of the little planet defend themselves courageously against the aggressors, they cannot repulse the enemy...
    • The Nemesis Within
      The Nemesis Within
      Episode 49
      Key Episode For-He-Man.

      Skeletor is able to create a double of He-Man, which is angry and aggressive in contrast to the real He-Man and represents a further threat to Primus. Now, He-Man must confront his most deadly enemy...Himself.
    • The Mind Lens
      The Mind Lens
      Episode 48
      Key Episode For-He-Man. By means of a Mind Lens, Skeletor can influence the human will, he has already caused damage on Primus and Now Skeletor wants to try its power also with He-Man, now He-Man must be strong enough to resist the Mind Lens...
    • Skeletor's Revenge
      Skeletor's Revenge
      Episode 47
      Key Episode For-Skeletor and He-Man. Using a virus Skeletor brings down the total computer network of Primus and Also the defense screen. He-Man lets himself into the computer in order to deal with the virus and save the planet...
    • Escape from Gaolotia
      Key Episode For-Caz and Drissi. Skeletor abducts Caz and Drissi and brings them as bait for He-Man on the ship Gaolotia. He-Man appears on board and wants to rescue the children. But he notices that the ship is on collision course with a meteorite...
    • Once Upon a Time
      Once Upon a Time
      Episode 45
      Key Episode For-He-Man, Teela, Skeletor. He-Man suffers under homesickness after being away from Eternia for so long, and the Sorceress sends his old friend Teela from Eternia to join him in the future. Skeletor meanwhile finds a volume of the Encyclopedia of evil, with the entire encyclopedia he would be unbeatable so he travels to the vault of Zaktus where he assumes the other volumes of the encyclopedia to be...moreless
    • The Pen is Mightier than the Sword- Or is it?
      Key Episode For-Skeletor. Skeletor awakens a race of mythical beings, The monstrosities attack Primus and are apparently cannot be stopped. He-Man only realises at the last second how they are to be stopped...
    • You're in the Army Now
      Key Episode For-Adam/He-Man, Master Sebrian. Adam stands before a court because he retreated from a battle with the mutants to change into He-Man. The court does not suspect that Adam is He-Man and Because Adam conceals histrue identity, he ends up in the army...
    • The New Wizard in Town
      Key Episode For-Ramlin. A large meeting of the magic is going on on Primus . In addition also the opaque magician Ramlin appears. Ramlin intends, to steal the other magics for himself and his dark plans, and He-Man has to stop him...
    • The Siege of Serus
      The Siege of Serus
      Episode 41
      Key Episode For-He-Man, Hydron. A meteorite crashes on Primus and damages the lower water city Serus. The meteorite itself is an extraterrestial life form, and the danger to Serus is not yet over, the life form intends to cut off the cities energies. He Man must save the city before it is too late...moreless
    • Balance of Power
      Balance of Power
      Episode 40
      Key Episode For-President Pell, General Nifel, Mara, He-Man. He-Man and The galactic guardians arrive on the planet Nekros and into the discussion between the friendly Mytes and the evil Gleanons. When the Gleanons abduct the president of the Mytes, He-Man and the guardians decide to help the weaker Mytes...
    • He-Fan
      Episode 39
      Key Episode For-He-Man, Melindra. An elderly lady called Melindra is a BIG fan of He-Man's. She goes to hear a speech made by He-Man. As He-Man has left his space ship he and his fellow friends are greeted by a crowd of fans. Melindra runs up to He-Man and has her picture taken with him. Once He-Man and his friends are away from their space ship Melindra decideds to sneak on the ship, so that she can see He-Man's space ship. He-Man and his friends come aboard the ship to go on a mission and the Melindra stows away on the space ship...moreless
    • Collision Course
      Collision Course
      Episode 38
      Key Episode For-Skeletor, Master Sebrian. Skeletor steals the plans for a gravity generator and constructs the device, he then uses it against Primus and pushes the planet out of its orbit. The temperature change on Primus threatens all life on the planet...
    • The Children's Planet
      Key Episode For-He Man He-Man and the galactic corps Omega 4 land on a planet where they discover a dangerous gas...
    • Planet of Junk
      Planet of Junk
      Episode 36
      Key Episode For-The Scientists, Flogg. On a space scrap place, Skeletor discovers dangerous weapons of a technically far superior species and he abducts the scientists of Primus and forces them to repair the weapons...
    • Rock to the Future
      Rock to the Future
      Episode 35
      Key Episode For-Caz and Drissi, Flipshot. Slush Head and Staghorn find a rock star from the past named Hank Rappa, and bring him back to Nordor where Skeletor notes how Humans seem to have a weakness for music and perhaps Primus does too...Meanwhile Adam hears about a new rock concert coming up and as He-Man he will be escorting Caz and Drissi there. Meanwhile, Skeletor is the one who has set up the concert with the alien Torzag, he intends for He Man and the Galatic Guardians to be destroyed when they attend the concert...moreless
    • Dreadator
      Episode 34
      Key Episode For-Dreadator, He Man Dreadator is the unbeaten gladiator-champion of the universe. Skeletor tells Dreadator that he must measure himself first with He-Man, before he could call himself the best warrior of the universe. So Dreadator demands a duel from He-Man...
    • No Easy Way
      No Easy Way
      Episode 33
      Key Episode For-He-Man, The Scientists He-Man and the scientists discover a plant species during a reconnaissance mission on the moon. It isolates materials, that do not endure the mutants. He-Man brings the plants to Primus and plants it in the nature of the planet...
    • Brain Drain
      Brain Drain
      Episode 32
      Key Episode For-Skeletor, Flogg, Slush Head. Skeletor uses an intelligence amplifier to change his mutant allies into tactical geniuses. And with this power they even succeed in overcoming He-Man. But Skeletor is soon unhappy, for his allies are even intellectually suprerior to him...
    • Cold Freeze
      Cold Freeze
      Episode 31
      Key Episode For-He-Man, The Scientists. The sun of Primus withdraws out of regeneration behind a shell. Because an ice age breaks out on planet, He-Man must find a way to preserve Primus from the downfall...
    • Council of Clones
      Council of Clones
      Episode 30
      Key Episode for-Master Sebrian, The Scientists and Skeletor.
    • Sanctuary
      Episode 29
      Key Episode for-Prince Adam, Caz, Drissi, Skeletor, Slush Head.
    • Crack in the World
      Crack in the World
      Episode 28
      Key Episode for-He-Man and Skeletor. Skeletor unleashes an extraordinary power, that could destroy the whole of Primus. While the inhabitants of Primus begin with an evacuation, a large battle between He-Man and Skeletor begins...
    • The Youngest Hero
      The Youngest Hero
      Episode 27
      Key Episode for-Skeletor, Caz and He-Man. Skeletor infects Caz with a virus, and says that he will only give the antidote if He-Man surrenders his magic sword...
    • Glasnost Schmasnost
      Key Episode for-Skeletor. After their recent failure, Skeletor and the mutants suddenly open up peace negotiations once more. But He-Man is suspicious, and the Galactic advice council says that both sides should dispatch an ambassador. The Mutans send Skeletor, who wants to use his stay on Primus for an insidious plot...moreless
    • The Battle for Levitan
      Key Episode for-Skeletor and He-Man. Skeletor threatens to destroy the Floating city of Levitan if He-Man does not give himself up...
    • The Seeds of Resistance
      Key Episode for-He-Man, Master Sebrian and Skeletor. He-Man frees Master Sebrian from prison, while Skeletor uses spies on the location of the rebels and plans an ambush. But Master Sebrian knows what Skeletor is planning and has a surprise in store for him...
    • He-Man in Exile
      He-Man in Exile
      Episode 23
      Key Episode for-He-Man and Skeletor. He-Man and his friends initiate the liberty fight for Primus. After several successful attacks against the Mutants they withdraw into a small village, but Skeletor is closing in on them...
    • Skeletor's Victory
      Skeletor's Victory
      Episode 22
      Key Episode for-Skeletor. After fooling Primus with their offer of peace, The Mutants finally succeed in conquering the planet. Still the joy of the Invaders invaders holds itself within limits, because could He-Man and some others have escaped into the underground, where they continue to offer embittered resistance to the conquerers...moreless
    • The Gift
      The Gift
      Episode 21
      Key Episode for-Flogg and Master Sebrian. Flogg surprises the inhabitants of Primus with an unexpected peace offer and gives them a gift to prove his good will...
    • The Running of the Herd
      Key Episode for-Sagitar and He-Man. The galactic guard Sagitar hears the "call of the herd" and journeys to his homeland, the planet Equinox. There it is to participate in the traditional running. Skeletor discovers this and lays a trap for He-Man...
    • Mutiny on the Mothership
      Key Episode for-Flogg and Staghorn. The Mothership is caught in a storm in space, and Staghorn convinces Butthead and Quakke to join him in a mutiny against Flogg...
    • The Bride of Slushhead
      Key Episode for-Slushead. The Galactic Guardians save the life of the bride of Slushhead. He-Man and his friends are invited to the wedding of Slushead and his bride to be. Although they have agreed upon a truce for the duration of the ceremony, Skeletor and his henchmen do not intend to honor the agreement...moreless
    • The Guns of Nordor
      The Guns of Nordor
      Episode 17
      Key Episode for-Flogg, He-Man and the Galactic Guardians. Flogg has new laser cannons, whose range represents a threat for Primus. He-Man and the Galactic Guardians set off on a dangerous mission to penetrate Moon Nordor and blow up the cannons...
    • The Sheriff of Gorn City
      Key Episode for-He-Man and Flipshot. Skeletor appoints Flipshot the Sheriff of Gorn city. He wants to support He-Mans friend in his office until he has his confidence, the spring a deadly trap for He-Man...
    • Four Ways to Sundown
      Key Episode for-The Galactic Guardians and the Mutants.

      The galactic guards and the Mutants remember at the same time the battle in the Quagmi swamp. Their views of the battle are very different and the tale told is very different from what actually occurred...
    • The Test of Time
      The Test of Time
      Episode 14
      Key Episode for-Master Sebrian and Treylus. Skeletor kidnaps the spaceship of the Treylus. Treylus is an old friend of master Sebrian and wants to aide in the battle against the Mutants. Master Sebrian is impressed of the determination of the friend of the same age and wants to accompany him on his campaign...moreless
    • Zone of Darkness
      Zone of Darkness
      Episode 13
      Key Episode for-Master Sebrian and Mara. Master Sebrian and Mara Crash in a remote area of Denebria. He-Man hurries to their rescue and in the crash place he is welcomed by Mutants who behave unusually friendly. They say that they were once Humans...
    • He-Caz
      Episode 12
      Key Episode for-Caz and He-Man. Caz, longing to be as powerful as He-Man, comes across a space suit which gives him incredible power. After performing a series of heroic fests across Primus, it seems his wish has finally come true- but it is not long before his new powers lead him into the clutches of Skeletor...moreless
    • Fading Star
      Fading Star
      Episode 11
      Key Episode for-Dukan and Skeletor. After many years the old Westernheld Dukan returns to Primus. He believes the fact that he is still unbeatable and looks for a challenge with Skeletor. However Skeletor is not playing fair and leaves the old person no chance in the fight. He-Man must intervene before it is too late...moreless
    • Juggernaut
      Episode 10
      Key Episode for-He-Man, The Galactic Guardians and Skeletor. A girl travels alone in a spaceship by the universe and is brought to primus. However the harmless child is in truth a dangerous Cyborg under Skeletors orders to bring down the defensive shield around Primus...
    • He-Man Mutant
      He-Man Mutant
      Episode 9
      Key Episode for-He-Man, Drissi and Skeletor. After Quakke and Butthead are captured, He-Man discovers that the Scientists of Primus have created a machine called the 'Mutator' which can change any Human into a Mutant, He-Man volunteers to become a mutant so that he can spy on Skeletor but when he goes into the machine he is changed not just in body but in mind, he smashes the mutator and then rescues Butthead and Quakke. The three then capture Hydron and Flipshot and return to Nordor in the Starship Eternia. Skeletor recruits the mutated He-Man, not realising who it is, and names him Cruncher. Skeletor had Quakke and Butthead captured on purpose, their ship which has been captured and is still on Primus releases a device called the Disruptor which disrupts the council of Primus' brainwaves and with them unable to concentrate the shield around Primus is gone. Skeletor and Flogg arrive on Primus and storm the Council chambers, capturing Master Sebrian and Mara. He-Mans loyal bird, Clobber, recognises that Cruncher is in fact He-Man and Drissi is then able to use her psychic powers to get through to Clobber and He-Man, He-Man realises who he is and is able to change back from mutant form just as Skeletor and Flogg get back and see that Cruncher was He-Man all along, Quakke and Butthead open fire as Clobber battles Gur, Clobber then finds the disruptor and destroys it and Skeletor, Flogg, Butthead and Quakke escape in a shuttle pod. He-Man has saved Primus once more, with the aid of his friends.moreless
    • The Festival of Lights
      Key Episode for-Skeletor. A solar eclipse occurs On Primus, and a large celebration is being planned in the form of a Galactic Rodeoshow. But Skeletor is planning to take advantage of the oppurtunity...
    • The Galactic Guardians
      Key Episode for-The Galactic Guardians. With a Camping trip the galactic guards converse about old times. They tell themselves history of their first common Ascension Day command. At that time poisonous gas transporters threatened Primus...
    • Sword & Staff
      Sword & Staff
      Episode 6
      Key Episode for-Skeletor. Skeletor finds a powerful crystal within moon Nordor, which can temporarily charge any living creature with incredible power. He-Man must stop Skeletor, before he charges his whole army with the power of the crystal- power that could enable them to destroy Primus.
    • The Ultimate Challenge (Part 5 of 5)
      Key Episode for-He-Man and Skeletor. Skeletor offers He-Man the ultimate challenge by challenging him to a fight to the finish that will end their war once and for all. He-Man accepts the challenge, in case it ends the war- but is Skeletor really planning to fight fairly?
    • Attack on Onnor (Part 4 of 5)
      Featuring-He-Man, Skeletor, Master Sebrian, Flogg, Slush Head, Werban, Hydron, Flipshot, Crita, Hoove, Lizzor, Mara. Skeletor tricks Werbon into lowering the Shield of Protection, allowing the Mutants to attack the city of Onnor. Can He-Man stop the attack in time?
    • The Heat (Part 3 of 5)
      Featuring-He-Man, Skeletor, Flogg, Slush Head, Hydron, Flipshot, Master Sebrian, The Scientists, UR, Gleep, Caz, Drissi, Mara, Hoove, Crita, Karatti. With the Trithuseum crystals now safe on Primus, the planet's scientists are ready to begin repairing the Trithuseum generator. But Skeletor captures them and imprisons them in the Quagmire swamp- will He-Man be able to rescue them before Primus overheats?moreless
    • Quest for the Crystals (Part 2 of 5)
      Featuring-He-Man, Skeletor, Flogg, Slush Head, Master Sebrian, Hydron, Flipshot, Mara, Caz, Drissi, Werban, The Scientists, Crita, Hoove, Gleep, Meriac. Skeletor has Slush Head take pictures of different areas on Primus. An ambitious councillor of Primus called Werban is telling the Scientists of Primus that they waste their time with Sebrians ideas of time travel, just then Sebrian and Mara enter with He-Man and introduce him as the new saviour of Primus. Just then they are informed of an attack by a mutant fighter on the Oasis, where Drissi and Caz are, He-Man races off to save them. Slush Head is chasing Caz and Drissi in his mutant fighter when He-Man arrives and saves them, Slush Head spins out of control and return to the Mutant mothership where he reports to Skeletor and Flogg and Skeletor reveals his plan to destroy the Trithuseum generator on Primus. Drissi introduces He-Man to her admiring brother Caz, who soon becomes a new friend of He-Man. Meanwhile, The Mutants send fighters and destroy the Trithuseum generator. The generator requires Trithuseum crystals to function, and without them Primus will overheat, the only place the crystals can be found however, is on the Mutants planet Denebria, in Gorn City. Hydron and Flipshot unearth an old Starship in Onnor city, which has not been used for some time and they, along with Gleep the robot, go with He-Man to Denebria. They soon discover that Caz has stowed aboard the ship and when they land on Denebria Caz follows He-Man and Gleep into Gorn City. He-Man locates a one eyed mutant called Meriac who can gie him the crystals, and they agree to meet at a mine to exchange goods. However, when they try to make the trade, Meriac is revealed as an agent of Skeletor and his henchmen attack He-Man, but he lets Caz and Gleep go because his own son died in a mine shaft cave in. Skeletor then arrives and punishes Meriac, but He-Man saves him with his sword and Meriac give He-Man back the sword and leaves, no longer following Skeletors orders. Skeletor attacks He-Man with the Trithuseum crystals but He-Man uses his sword to attach the crystals to Skeletor hands and Skeletor loses his balance and tumbles down a dark mine shaft and into the water below. He-Man returns to the ship with Caz and Gleep, and Hyrdon and Flipshot tells him they have named the new starship after his home planet, Eternia.moreless
    • A New Beginning (Part 1 of 5)
      Featuring-He-Man, Skeletor, Master Sebrian, The Sorceress, King Randor, Queen Marlena, Flogg, Slush Head, Hydron, Flipshot, Mara, Caz, Drissi, Hoove, Optikk, Karatti, Andros, The Council. The planet of Primus is in danger from constant attacks by the mutant residents of its sister world, Denebria. The planet's ruler, Master Sebrian, realises that the time has come to bring the power of the good and the way of the magic from the past to defend Primus against the Mutants. Two space pilots, Captain Hydron and Flipshot, are sent to the world of Eternia in the past to find the power to defend them. But when they reach Eternia, they wind up as prisoners of the evil Skeletor, when one of his men captures them. But when Skeletor learns of their mission, he tricks them into thinking that he is the force of good they are looking for. Meanwhile, Eternia's defender, Prince Adam aka He-Man, has been informed by The Sorceress of Grayskull that he must go to the future to defend Primus. He reveals his secret to his parents, then goes to Snake Mountain to stop Skeletor from tricking Hydron and Flipshot. He and Skeletor are engulfed in battle, and as the portal back to Primus is closing fast, Hydron and Flipshot decide to take both He-Man and Skeletor back with them, unsure of which one is the hero they need. Back on Primus, the two enemies continue to fight, until He-Man proves his worth when he stops a mutant attack. Skeletor forms an alliance with the mutants and retreats, and He-Man is accepted by Master Sebrian as the new defender of Primus.moreless
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