The New Adventures of He-Man

(ended 1991)


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  • I don't care what anyone says, I love this show.

    I grew up watching this along with "GI:Joe", "Ghostbusters", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "C.O.P.S", among others. The original "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" was just a liiiitle bit before my time. Now although this show was only on for like one season, I think it still had a great plot and great characters.

    People say they don't like this show because of a couple reasons like, the fact that it was so different from the original, or that it was basically just a front to sell more toys. I guess the only thing frustrating about this show for me was that every episode seemed to be the same (with just a few minor exceptions). You know, Skeletor comes up with some hair-brained scheme, which always seems like it is going to work but then low and behold he or one of his cronies forgets something or screws something up and the plan is foiled. Then it was always "I'll get you next time...Heeee-Man!!!!"

    Regardless, I still see this show as a part of my childhood and I'm proud to say I bought the DVDs, and I plan on watching every episode at least once more.
  • There is thought behind this show, which is a nice surprise, from all the bad that I have heard about this show... it's not the original, but it can stand on it's own feet after one sits down and watches a few episodes.

    I've seen screen shots and what the figures looked like, so as a hard core Masters fan, I thought it would be quite hard to watch. But, keeping an open mind and allowing for change, I found the short lived series not so bad.

    Of course, I miss all the old characters. He-man/Prince Adam just isn't as unique and 'magical' as the original, but also not intolerable either on the same token. Skeletor, is quite different, but once you get use to the new voice, looks and mannerisms of him, he is quite sarcastically witty (which I can personally appreciate, as I too have a sarcastic sense of humor).

    So, I will be sure to purchase both DVD sets of new adventures, however, I won't be on ebay trying to get the original figures, etc. It's a must see for hard core fans, good to have in the collection, but that is about it. Give it a try, its not so bad with an open mind and love of all things from Eternia!!
  • No matter what they call it, this was not and never will be He-Man. It might have worked as a different show, but not as He-Man.

    Admittedly I never watched this show very much. I really, really tried. I could just never get into it and NEVER could believe that they would try to pass this off as another adventure for He-Man. Some say that the animation was better, I think it was only marginally better and that was also a problem. It didn\\\\\\\'t look anything like Masters of the Universe. I know it was supposed to be in the future with different characters, but it still didn\\\\\\\'t fit. Even with this some things about He-Man\\\\\\\'s look should have been the same. Also, from my standpoint the original looked futuristic already, even if it wasn\\\\\\\'t supposed to be. Not a good show and in no was He-Man.
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