The New Adventures of He-Man

(ended 1991)


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  • No matter what they call it, this was not and never will be He-Man. It might have worked as a different show, but not as He-Man.

    Admittedly I never watched this show very much. I really, really tried. I could just never get into it and NEVER could believe that they would try to pass this off as another adventure for He-Man. Some say that the animation was better, I think it was only marginally better and that was also a problem. It didn\\\\\\\'t look anything like Masters of the Universe. I know it was supposed to be in the future with different characters, but it still didn\\\\\\\'t fit. Even with this some things about He-Man\\\\\\\'s look should have been the same. Also, from my standpoint the original looked futuristic already, even if it wasn\\\\\\\'t supposed to be. Not a good show and in no was He-Man.