The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse

CBS (ended 1992)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • A Star is Milked / Mighty's Tone Poem
      A) MM goes to Hollywood to film his life story but Earnest Bovine (The aforementioned Cow) interferes. MM replaces a hair brush with a hanger in a billboard and battles a giant wig. Pearl is MM's agent.

      B) MM rounds up all the criminals and forces them to watch his home movies which are made up of last seasons highlights re-dubbed. A strand of hair gets on the lens and MM spends a few minutes trying to grab it. As we watch the "home films" we see the animators hands trying to grab the hair.moreless
    • Mouse and Supermouse / The Bride of Mighty Mouse
      A) Petey Pate goes to a marketing research firm to help him build a better Mouse (Mighty Mouse that is) with which he can take over Mouseville. Soon, everyone, including MM himself, are playing with the new toy which is a giant robot MM clone. Except for the marketing consultants, this one's pretty dull.

      B) Mighty marries Pearl and have a child. They build a hotel with the Cow as handy man out in the Nevada wastes. A competing entrepreneur builds a hotel next to them and steals all their customers.moreless
    • Snow White & the Motor City Dwarfs / Don't Touch that Dial
      A) MM goes to a T.V. executive with a new concept for a TV show, a retelling of Snow White. As MM describes it, we see it take place. Very weird and surrealistic. B) A toddler channel surfs on Saturday morning and sends Mighty Mouse into each of the cartoon shows to which he's changing channels.moreless
    • Bat with a Golden Tongue / Mundane Voyage
      A) MM helps Bat-bat come to terms with his crack addiction (wise cracking that is, but the word crack is used in the show). B) MM and Pearl are miniaturized by the Adam smasher (a fat guy named Adam sits on them) and enter the president's body to save the day.moreless
    • Mighty's Wedlock Whimsy / Anatomy of a Milquetoast
      A) In what is billed as a "cautionary tale," Sourpuss and Gandy Goose get Mighty Mouse and his girlfriend Pearl to the altar. But a la "Moonlighting", Mighty Mouse dreams a Honeymooners nightmare (with him asusming a Ralph Kramden persona). All of Pearls off-spring look like the bovine bandit, The Cow who supposedly is now a reformed sewer worker who just happens to be their downstairs neighbor (he assumes the Ed Norton role).

      B) Mighty Mouse in on trial for the disappearance of Scrappy. His defense is persistently refuted by footage from season one with the dialogue altered, making it appear that Mighty Mouse is repsonsible for Scrappy's whereabouts.moreless
    • Day of the Mice / Still Oily After All These Years
      A) Mighty Mouse is forced into retirement by a fascist regime which restores order to Mouseville thereby eliminating the need of a "superhero". MM becomes a fat slob who spends his days eating kid's cereal while watching television. However, MM discovers the regime is actually run by Petey Pate, the bald nebbish villain. MM unmasks Petey and gives a speech in a Jimmy Stewart imitation on freedom of choice.

      B) The Cow impersonates a prison psychiatrist and gets Oil Can Harry (Mighty Mouse's arch-foe from the theatrical shorts days) paroled so he can get Harry's prison cell for his own personal enjoyment. Harry gets a job at the Mouseville canning plant where his fixation on Pearl Pureheart remains.moreless
  • Season 1
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