The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 4 Episode 18

A Change of Heart/Pants

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

When Christine and Richard help Marly and Lindsay through their labors, it brings up memories of Ritchie's birth—and a rekindling of romantic feelings.

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  • funny episode where Marly and Lindsay go into labour and Richard wears a wig.

    I actually enjoyed this episode a lot more than some of the ones leading up to it. There were actually quite a lot of amusing scenes and some good lines of dialogue from most of the cast. Although we don't see Marly and Lindsay that often they were actually quite good here and were not just props for Christine's gags. The episode also had a message about love, marriage and divorce which was quite serious along side the humour. I still enjoy the show and I hope it can continue to improve and maybe survive for another season. Who knows?moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 18.

    This was a very entertaining episode! Although the show isn't necessarily "funny," it is still extremely entertaining to watch. Christine is an incredible character (Julia is perfect for the part) and Marley and Lindsay are AMAZING characters! I love them! So, of course it would be humorous when the go into labor and their husbands have been golfing in Switzerland for two months. LOL! I liked it. I loved when Marley said that Lindsay was old... And when she said, "My husband doesn't know this... But I voted for Barack Obama!" LMAO! I liked that Christine and Richard had feelings for each other again, but Matthew knew that they wouldn't last, so he recommended they get something to eat. Then, they argued. LMAO! Good episode. Very entertaining. :)moreless
  • This show is not very good.

    The New Adventures Of Old Christine used to be a decent show, that one could argue deserved a few more Emmy nominations than it received. Now, now I just do not know why people would watch this show. I don't give up on shows, but when I rarely laugh throughout the entire half hour you know a show needs a major overhaul.

    The writing is just so weak, and the overacting by the cast, especially Julia Louis Dreyfuss, is frustrating. Whether or not it gets picked up for a season next year, I do not expect it to survive the almighty axe.moreless

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    • Christine: I haven't eaten all day.
      Richard: Really? Thought I saw you eat.
      Christine: No, I had two bags of chips and some pot roast, but I didn't eat.
      Richard: Just because you don't sit down and use utensils, it doesn't mean you aren't eating.

    • Matthew: Look, you both had an emotional response to a shared experience. That doesn't mean you need to throw away a perfectly good divorce.

    • Christine: (about the night Ritchie was born) Yeah, I mean you were wonderful that night. Why do I only remember the bad stuff?
      Richard: Everyone does that. It's part of maintaining a successful divorce.

    • Christine: Matthew, [Marly and Lindsay] need us. Are you ready?
      Richard: What's he gonna do?
      Matthew: I beg your pardon. I had a full semester of medical school. I'm one-sixteenth a doctor.
      Richard: I watched the first eight seasons of ER. We're tied.

    • Richard: Can we talk about your memory of our child's birth? How exactly was Matthew "great"? He was a 16-year-old close up magician. The only reason he showed up was because the maternity ward was probably going to be his only opportunity to see a vagina.
      Matthew: I saw three. And I didn't see another one until after college.

    • Richard: (wearing a wig) Lay off my hair. It's not quite right, but it hasn't been styled yet.
      Christine: It's not stopped breathing yet either.

    • Lindsay: I feel I can tell you anything.
      Christine: You know, please don't.
      Lindsay: My husband doesn't know this, but… (whispering) I voted for Barack Obama.
      Marly: Oh, please, that's nothing. My husband thinks I'm 32.

    • Marly: You can't just leave us.
      Christine: What? Sure I can. I'm sure your husbands are going to be here any minute.
      Lindsay: Oh, our husbands aren't coming [to the maternity ward].
      Christine: What? Why not?
      Lindsay: They're playing golf... in Scotland.
      Christine: Why would they leave the country when you're nine months pregnant?
      Marly: Well, to be fair, they left when we were seven months pregnant.

    • Christine: The seat is all wet. Did something happen?
      Marly: Oh, no, Lindsay, did something happen? I didn't even hear you sneeze this time.
      Lindsay: It's not that. I am soaked.
      Marly: Oh, no. Wait. I am soaked, too. I think our water broke.
      Christine: You share water?

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