The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 3 Episode 2

Beauty Is Only Spanx Deep

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2008 on CBS
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Insecurity over a waitress flirting with Daniel sends Christine to a plastic surgeon's office. Meanwhile, Richard accidentally proposes to New Christine over the phone, and Matthew considers a career as a therapist.

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  • Mid-thirtyish, Old Christine (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, 47) is feeling even older after being mistaken for New Christine's mother at a restaurant. She begins to consider plastic surgery after a 'therapy session' with her brother.moreless

    Despite its low ratings, this episode did rather well (9.9) in the Nielsens. There were quite a number of good lines and laughs right from the outset with the restaurant scene, and I thought this was one of the better episodes. If we can all put the 'Seinfeld Curse' out of our minds for a half-hour per week, we might find that there is a well-written, well-turned sitcom out there starring one of our 'old' favorites. Haven't we all aged at about the same rate as JL-D (actually she looks better for the wear than most of us, right?). I would love to see her walk into Jerry's apartment, slap down $150.00 and say "I caved," again - but that's not happening. Would we rather take our chances with some new series? How many of those bombed this year? You know there is top writing talent associated with this series. Is it the ex-husband or, maybe, New Christine that we're having trouble with? Could it be we're not comfortable with Blair Underwood wooing our fair Elaine? I don't love-love this series, but I like-love it. Sure beats reality shows in my book.moreless
  • After Christine is mistaken for New Christine's mother at a restaurant, she realizes she is dating out of her league and decides to head to the plastic surgeon's office.

    I love this show and this episode just didn't seem right to me, and I feel a little strange because most fans loved it. I didn't feel like Christine was in character or herself in this episode, because her usual behavior would appose plastic surgery 100%. I thought the plot was a bit silly but the show seems to always be able to fit in some great jokes and lines. It was also good to see Stan again, his line of 'Hey, Lover' is always great. I was also disappointed to see no Barb, Ritchie or the Meanie Moms, as these are some of my favorites.moreless
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    • Christine: Kids are dumb. [Ritchie] still thinks the fact that he and his dad are both named Richard is a gigantic coincidence.

    • Christine: I want to feel better about myself, and the only way I can think of to do that—short of diet and exercise—is plastic surgery.

    • (at the plastic surgeon's)
      Christine: What are you doing here?
      Stan: Oh, I come here all the time. I live close by and this is a great place to meet women with low self-esteem.

    • Christine: Damn it. You're a great therapist!
      Matthew: I've had a lot of crazy to work with.
      Christine: Thank you!

    • Matthew: Before, you were always trying to do the right, for yourself or your kid. You had integrity.
      Christine: Why can't I have integrity AND a great rack?
      Matthew: I've never seen it!

    • New Christine: (sitting at a restaurant table with Old Christine, Richard, and Daniel) I read that four is the perfect number of people for good conversation.
      (very long, awkward silence)
      New Christine: I forget where I read that.

    • Christine: Matthew, I start off as a 7, but after a few hundred dollars worth of products and three hours of my life that I am never gettin' back, I turn into a very temporary 9.

    • Richard: You're considering surgery for some guy?
      Christine: No, it's not for Daniel. Just—being with him has brought up some stuff for me, okay? Richard, I'm getting older, and that's not easy, especially in this town. Los Angeles is a very, very unforgiving place to be a 32-year-old woman.
      Richard: Maybe you should be consulting with a math tutor.

    • Dr. Gurwich: So, who do you want to look like?
      Christine: What?
      Dr. Gurwich: Is there someone you've always wanted to be?
      Christine: Well, I've always wanted to be me.
      Dr. Gurwich: Oh... a feminist. Yeah, I call them "befores".

    • Stan: Can I say something as your former and probably future lover?
      Christine: Stan!
      Stan: I've seen you naked...upside down... in terrible lighting... it was right before you popped my air mattress...
      Christine: Stan, that's enough! I'm going to sit over there!
      Stan: You want to know why you're hot?
      Christine: Okay. (Sits back down)

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