The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 3 Episode 8

Burning Down the House (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on CBS
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Christine hopes acting a bit more wild will stop Barb thinking she's uncool.

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  • Reefer Madness

    I have to admit, I stayed away from this show at first because alumnui of the Seinfeld show didn't have a good track record post-Seinfeld. This show however is very funny.

    In this episode, CHristine and Barb find a joint (or a roach really) in the Lost and Found box and decide to take it home and get high with it. Hijinks ensue when it's not even enough for one toke and Christine goes on the hunt for "grass". The stereotypes of stoners and getting high are very funny in here with the use of old stoner lingo. Everyone asumes Matthew is the "user". Richard gets some laughs at the absurdity of it and for an old-timer like me this brought back memories of being a teenager. To agree with a nother reviewer, why doesn't anyone here like this show. This episode was laugh out loud. Perhaps someone who rates it low could contribute a review and we could get some insight on this. For me, this has been added to my list. This episode is funny, the show is funny, the characters have great chemistry, Monday night is set.moreless
  • Once again, I have to say - who are the people who are not liking/loving this show? I wish they would come forward with their reasoning. This was another great episode of this very well-written show. 'Maryjane' is the guest star on this one, and...moreless

    Marijuana has not been the topic of a mainstream sitcom in quite some time. Christine and Barb come across a 'roach' in the lost and found box and it becomes a will-they/won't- they situation as Christine struggles with her inability to follow through on anything she starts (Barb doesn't seem to have any such 'struggles' in this case).

    The girls plan a 'pot party' and slowly but surely, Matthew, Richard and the guy that Christine went out with but can't remember his name (Tom - played by former Kid in the Hall, Dave Foley) all get involved to one degree or another.

    Everybody turns to Matthew for his 'expertise and stash', but he is a declared non-user - to everyone's surprise. One of the main strings throughout this show is Christine's hysterical use of 70's drug lingo that she has picked up over the years from watching reruns of Starsky and Hutch, etc.

    As usual, Matthew and Barb have numerous great lines, and Christine and Tom resolve some old issues that may hint to her next relationship (I guess if Dave Foley passes some muster that the producers and network have pre-determined). All things considered, another great episode of this underrated show that continues to draw well on a very competitive Monday night schedule.moreless
  • Christine and Barb discover a small stash of marijuana and after it goes out, Christine is determined to get high, leading to spending time with Tom who she barely remembers. Barb and Matthew spend time alone.moreless

    Although this episode wasn't the best for me, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and yet again reached high caliber for the season. After this episode I'm praying that they do something with Matthew and Barb because I don't want to see another one-night stand where it's never dealt with or addressed again - it'd be nice to see some character development.

    It was great to see Dave Foley back - he is hilarious, as is his character. Although we were all wishing Christine would get high, we still got a kiss and a fine ending leaving us want to see more. All in all another excellent installment of 'The New Adventures of Old Christine'moreless

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    • Christine: OK, my turn. (reaches in to lost and found box for free stuff). Oh... I just love this. It's like Christmas without all of the giving (voice trails off) and the Jesus...

    • Christine: You are gonna smoke reefer?
      Barb: Yeah, why not? It's just like a glass of wine.
      Christine: Oh, Barb, it is not. When was the last time you ever heard of somebody getting addicted to wine?
      Barb: Talk to the guys who collect your recycling.

    • Christine: I'm glad we did this, even without the drugs. I'm starting to think drugs aren't the answer.
      Tom: Well, not the whole answer.

    • Richard: What are you guys doing out here?
      Christine: Nothing, we're just hanging out.
      Barb: We're trying to get stoned. Got any weed?

    • Christine: I love eating in a car. It's like camping.
      Tom: Well, you're really good at it. I mean, your balance is remarkable, and using the soda lid as a ketchup reservoir, that's just—that's ingenious.
      Christine: I developed this system when Ritchie was born because he wouldn't sleep unless he was in a moving car, and that's the only way I could eat. I got so good at it, I could drive, eat a three-course meal, and nurse all at the same time.
      Tom: I don't know why that's sexy, but it is.
      Christine: Yeah, and to this day if somebody says, "can I take your order?", I lactate a little.
      Tom: Slightly less sexy, but still.

    • Barb: You know Pete and I split up six months ago, and I haven't gone out on a date yet.
      Matthew: Why haven't you?
      Barb: Because I'm scared. I've only been with one man. I don't know what it's going to be like.
      Matthew: Well, Pete was 6'5" with a size 14 shoe, so you might wanna start by lowering your expectations.

    • Richard: I know for a fact you were with Mikey Pines.
      Barb: I was with him; he wasn't with me.
      Matthew: I'm scared to know what that means.

    • Matthew: C'mon, Barb, you must have got around.
      Barb: Why do you think that?
      Matthew: I don't know. The way you look and act and drink, and your hair seems slutty.

    • Matthew: Why do you think I do drugs? (Christine scoffs and gestures at him) What?
      Christine: Your hair, the robe, your life.

    • Christine: Do you have any (whispers) grass?
      Matthew: I don't think anyone's had any grass since 1972. Were you watching Starsky and Hutch again?

    • Richard: I don't believe this!
      Barb: What?
      Richard: Matthew's not on drugs, you're not easy, Christine has llama food in her garage, what the hell is going on?

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    • When Christie keeps talking 'cool', Richard finally refers to her as "Fonzie", comparing her to Henry Winkler's iconic ultra-cool character from Happy Days.