The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 3 Episode 8

Burning Down the House (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

When Old Christine (Louis-Dreyfus) finds out the Richard (Clark Gregg) and New Christine (Rutherfurd) have bought the house of her dreams, discovered when they were married, she tries to "be like Oprah" and contain her jealousy and feel "genuinely happy" for them. But when Christine finds a family photo of New Christine, Richard and Richie (Gagnon) on the mantle, she completely loses it. Trying to become like New Christine, Old Christine tries her hand at making her house more like home, including removing the TV, buying Richie a bunk bed and even attempting to cook a home-made meal, much to the dismay of Matthew (Linklater) and Barb (Sykes).