The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2006 on CBS
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Christine's Prius and Marly's SUV back into each other. While she's upset at Marly's continued superior attitude over the situation, she's more upset at there only being an SUV available at the rental agency.

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    Just a hilarious episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine. I have no idea why this show has so many haters, seriously, Julia Louis Dreyfus is one of the most lovable actresses on television, and she just steals the show in almost every scene here. This episode was just absolutely hysterical.

    From Christine arguing with the guy who opens the gate to let her in to the whole group watching the scary movie. This was just an absolutely hilarious episode with hysterical one liners, that will just leave you breathless from laughing so much. Now that I'm done with my rant about how funny this episode was. Lets talk about plot.

    Christine getting an SUV was just a great plot, I found myself laughing when she hydraulically got off the SUV. I was actually intrigued with this plot and I wanted Christine to get her 1000 dollars. These were the golden years of this show, and the fact that this episode is rated below an 8 is just ridiculous.moreless
  • Clash of the titans!

    I'll be watching "the New Adventures of Old Chrsitine" until "Heroes" returns on January 22. Christine is in a car accident with her Hybird with Marly's SUV and in the process. Her replacement is a another SUV whom she like. this is the first episode of Old Chriostine that I review. I critized her for hoggin her emmy on Ellen's talk show. I din't like tha way she did it. I hbave nothing against Dryfus and she did a good job here. As long as she leaves her emmy at home. I guess that I had Old Christine to deal with until the cheerleader returns.moreless
  • Not one of the best episodes in this series...

    I like this show, I'll even go so far as to say that this show is slowly becoming one of my favorites. But when an episode like this comes about, I start having my doubts about why the writers are trying to force on us this kind of, well...crap.

    This episode is about how Christine is having a bad morning and has her usual run in with the meanie mom's. The usual banter is spouted and then Christine walks off. About a minute or two later into the episode, Christine and the meanie moms have a car accident. This type of episode has been done before and it really doesn't help that these type of characters don't really look like they should even be fighting about a car accident when they both seem pretty rich.

    Anyway, meanie moms start blaming Christine that it was all her fault. So, Marlie starts bringing in witnesses who are basically lying for Marlie and it seems like Christine is going to have to pay for both of the car wrecks. But then a surprise witness comes through and tells Christine what really happened. More happened in this episode but it was all so bland that I almost actually fell asleep through half of the episode. That does not mean that I did but I would rather have had fallen asleep then sit through this episode.

    So, overall, not a great way for this episode to go and I can only hope that the next episode will be much better.

  • Old Christine gets into a fender-bender with her rival's at Richie's school, and deals with the reality that people are plain dishonest.

    I may have put silly, but I think thats why this show works. I love the quirky out of place comedy that this show has. I love the odd jokes that just seem to work. \"How do you remeber the \'Fe\' (in Santa Fe?)\"---\"You just do.\"

    I think I laughed through this whole episode. You have to appreciate it for what it is, and I enjoy the strangeness thats surrounds this series.. It\'s just plain funny.moreless

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    • New Christine: I had a boyfriend who used to drive a car like this, but it was too big for me. (to Richard) I like your tiny truck. It may not be the biggest, but it gets you where you need to go.
      Richard: I hate my tiny truck.

    • Richard: This is awesome! THX sound system, voice-activated navigation. What kind of engine? 5.4 liter three-valve V-8?
      Matthew: All I know is my seat gave me a shiatsu massage while I watched Shrek in hi-def, all while keeping me at a comfortable 72°. So yeah, it drives good!

    • Lindsay: I can't betray Marly. Uh-uh, she's my friend. We have a complex relationship that very few people understand.
      Christine: You want her to like you so you do what she says?
      Lindsay: Okay, maybe it's simpler than I thought.

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