The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 4 Episode 5

Everyone Says I Love You Except Richie

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2008 on CBS
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Christine is devastated that Ritchie no longer tells her he loves her, so she asks Richard to have a baby with her so she can have a new child to love her like Ritchie used to. Matthew tries to overcome a troubling obsession with saying, "I love you."moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Christine fears when Ritchie stops saying I love you.

    I really wish Marley and Lindsay would get more time as they are absolutely hilarious and play off each other so well. Their constant mocking of Christine is something I wait for every week.

    This was a pretty funny episode penned by That 70's Show writers Jeff and Jackie Filgo. We had a great zinger (it was even called that by New Christine) from Richard in response to Christine saying how she just wanted it once baby. The plot progressed well although the ending was a tad creepy with Christine and Matthew ending up sleeping together.

    No Barb in this episode was disappointing. I'm not the biggest Wanda Sykes fan in the world but she seems to excel on this show and in this environment. Richard was great here as well with his "Team Richard" propaganda and getting upset over New Christine saying that she would sleep with Matthew should the situation arise.

    Another good episode for Season 4 and I think we all are hoping the proverbial plug isn't yanked on The New Adventures.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 5.

    Richie won't say, "I love you." Christine wants Richard to impregnate her. LMAO! I love the pregnant Marley and Lindsay. He even thinks about impregnating Christine, too. HAHA! It was so cute when Christine kept saying, "I love you," and Matthew says, "I love you too." LMAO! Christine thinks she has Attachment Disorder. LOL! "I like your new nightgown. It makes your boobs look pretty." Haha! Richard's so cool! Christine made it a whole 15 minutes without crawling into bed with Richie, and Matthew made it 15 minutes without calling his mother. Haha. I love Christine. Pretty cool episode, overall, but not the best. Pretty good, though.moreless

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    • Richard: There is no scenario where I would have a baby with Old Christine.
      New Christine: What if everyone else in the world, was dead and you were the last two people alive?
      Richard: Well, yeah, we'd have to. I'd be like a God.
      New Christine: (angrily) Well that's great, Richard! Have fun!
      Richard: I won't have fun because it's not happening! First of all, if everyone in the world is dying, I'm pretty sure Christine would be in the first wave!

    • Christine: Ritchie won't say "I love you"!
      Matthew: And you won't knock, no matter how nicely I ask. I can yell, I can demand, I can put a note on the door, I even cried once.
      Christine: I told you I didn't see anything.
      Matthew: Then why did you start laughing?
      Christine: Because I saw something.

    • Christine: I don't need you. I got plenty of guys who would LOVE to impregnate me!
      Richard: Name one.
      Christine: Charles... Kuralt.
      Richard: You mean the dead guy who had a travel show?
      Christine: No. A different one.
      Richard: You know when you're this senile, there's no eggs left in there to make a baby.

    • (talking to Ritchie outside his door)
      Christine: Come on, baby, just give it to me one time.
      Richard: Reminds me of our wedding night.
      Christine: Richard, I am not in the mood.
      Richard: Reminds me of our marriage.
      New Christine: Nice zinger, honey!

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