The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 1 Episode 11

Exile on Lame Street

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 15, 2006 on CBS
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Fearful of what adult activity he may see there, Christine is hesitant to allow Richard and 'new' Christine to take Ritchie to a Rolling Stones concert.

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    So far one of the most enjoyable episodes of the series. The comedy wasn\\\'t as forced as it was in previous episodes, due mainly to the rather pleasant absence of Ritchie. Within a series of laugh-out-loud jokes (\"There is a very high probability that my son...may go to the bathroom alone.\") and a neatly developed plot, the writers were still able to expand the overall plot and add more depth to the characters - in this case, the formation of a friendly relationship between the two Christines, and an even closer bond between Old Christine and Matthew. Very nicely done.moreless

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    • Christine: (to Ritchie) If you get lost, find someone in a uniform.
      Matthew: Any uniform?
      Christine: Oh, good point. (to Ritchie) Not somebody in a Nazi uniform.

    • New Christine: After my parents divorced, my dad used to do things to make my mom mad. That's how I got my ears pierced. And my tattoo. And my half-brother.

    • Richard: New Christine talked me out of taking Ritchie to the concert. She saw how much it upset you and she felt bad.
      Christine: Really? Why?
      Richard: Because she's nice!

    • Christine: You know, that's a really nice bra. Really holds everything up there. What kind is that?
      New Christine: I'm not wearing a bra.
      Christine: You know, you make it really hard to be nice to you.

    • Richard: We're not married anymore. You lost your power to forbid!
      Christine: But that was my greatest power!

    • Richard: I don't need your permission.
      Christine: Um, I'm his mother!
      Richard: Um, I'm his father!
      Christine: Um, no you're not!
      Richard: What?
      Christine: I don't know.

    • (Christine is trying desperately to get into a sold out Rolling Stones concert)
      Christine: Sir, uh, I'm sorry, let me just explain to you my situation. Okay, my nine-year-old is in there with his father and his new girlfriend, and there's a very strong possibility that he's gonna let him go to the bathroom on his own.
      Ticket Window Clerk: I'm so sorry. I didn't, I didn't know. We keep two emergency tickets available for situations like this. Is the fourth row okay?
      Christine: That would be great.
      Ticket Window Clerk: Ok, uh let me just get those for you. (looking questioningly around the booth) Where do we keep them? Duh, they're right here! (he reaches up and slams the window blind shut in her face).
      Christine: He's not getting the tickets?
      Matthew: Uh, no, sweetie, he's not.

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    • Furthering the plot point of trying to go to a Rolling Stones concert, the episode title is a play on their album, Exile on Main Street.