The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 2 Episode 19

Faith Off

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • How do they do it? This episode had so many different story lines interweaving, yet complementing each other and still funny. Excellent writing.

    I'm not a big fan of 'squirm-com' as I call it (The Office is the best/worst example) but the scene on the nanny-cam was hilarious as a poke at all of us who have ever snooped, or been tempted to. Getting caught on film when you think you're alone is bad enough, but Christine's horror at seeing herself doing 'a bad' must have resonated as everyone's nightmare. Be honest: didn't it make you think of a time when you once snooped?

    Echoing this was the tag ending where she is under the bed when Lindsay came in, flung herself on the bed and wept uncontrollably. This scene was especially poignant: the humour of the situation for Christine being caught on tape, but also experiencing this often nasty woman in a moment of gut-wrenching sorrow.

    We are left to ask ourselves why Lindsay is so deeply anguished, in such heartfelt pain that her grief wracks her body to the core. This stopped being funny; it was almost horrific. In keeping with the theme of the show, this moment showed how people are not always what we take them for.

    The Home Depot connection didn't bother me. The relationship people have with that store is almost as real as personal relationships, as so many do with Wally's or McDonalds. HD was a character in its own right in this episode.

    If Matthew ever finds his way to class and graduation, I hope I'm never a patient of his.

    I'm encouraged by the strong writing in this show. I didn't watch it when it first came out, but have seen the last 3-4 episodes and I'm enjoying it a lot. I get out-loud laughs every time, and that's a good (and rare) sign. The only other comedies that do that for me are Lovespring International (now showing in Canada) and, occasionally, Rules of Engagement. I like Christine for the cleverness, surprising comedic moments, skillful plot development and excellent performances. This is no mere 'vehicle' for Julia, but a fully formed show with its own strong identity and great entertainment value.
  • Have faith in your loved ones they might not be the same as they were before.

    In this episode it shows how a person does nto trust another person to carry out a job for a mutual friend because of history. Christine does nnot trust her EX to complete the bathroom modeling because of his past history and how he screwed up a old friend of her parents dome home. He tells her that he has changed and learned from his mistakes. This was a fine example and a lesson for all those people that do not believe in others. I liked this episode and i beleive it could have had more fun to it but still good.
  • 22 minute ad for HOME DEPOT. Despicable attempt to replace plot with product placement!

    I watched the episode "Faith Off" and was disgusted to see that half the episode was them talking about Home Depot and then shopping (twice!) at the store and talking about it's products.

    Now the inital joke about Matthew not knowing what Home Depot was - I didn't mind. It was sexist and not very funny but I didn't mind one reference to a particular store. However when featuring the store REPLACES and tries to pretend it is plot, then it is untenable.

    I really liked the show but I'm not sure I can ever watch it again now. I have written to CBS to express my anger and disappointment. I have also written to Home Depot to express my anger (at not only their poor rating on but that they think they can buy my attention by insiduously and indirectly trying to "sneak" their way in by pretending to be part of the plot. I accept ads as a necessary evil, I could even have dealt with it better if up front they had said "this episode was sponsored/paid for" by Home Depot. But there was no mention that I'm sure they paid tons of money to get what amounts to a 22 minute commercial disguised as entertainment! Please join me in telling CBS what we think of tv becoming nothing but ads (this is the second tv show in about a week that did this -- see Andy Barker PI from about a week ago - for a LONG discussion of & its products).
  • A little too much Home Depot, but still a very funny episode.

    Overall, I really liked this episode. Matthew was an absolute crack up with the light bulb changer. And his reactions to the sexual-comments-with-too-much-detail from Richard and Christine are classic. Strong episode for Richard, too. I think he and Matthew play very well off of each other.

    The hidden camera stuff was freaking hilarious, and the meanie moms were of course fantastic as usual, talking about Christine's hair, shoes, bag, etc as if she wasn't even there. Also Lindsay's uncontrolable sobbing at the end of the episode was a total crack up.

    Julia was a pleasure to watch as well, she is such a pro. Even the little stuff that she does (the finger pointing, the I have great hair comment) works to perfection.

    The only con for the episode was the blatant plug for Home Depot. Even though it was obvious, I don't think they had to 'stretch' the story line to accomodate the placement (a la "The Red Lobster" episode).