The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 5 Episode 4

For Love or Money

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2009 on CBS
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When Barb—planning to marry Richard to stay in the country—says she's hiring a lawyer to handle her and Christine's divorce, Christine is taken aback and hires an aggressive divorce lawyer who demands that Christine gets alimony. Matthew deals with Marly's and Lindsay's insecurities.

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  • Even your best friend could sue you for alimony.

    What happened to Christine's almost doctor boyfriend? Did she dump him for the lawyer.

    So Barb and Richard actually went for nuptials, maybe they omitted new Christine specifically for that, because I'm sure she wouldn't be happy to find out that Richard could marry someone that wasn't her. He didn't even tell her that he was engaged. That was probably what came with we are living together for only platonic means.

    Barb is also very adamant about remaining in the country, what does she really have to stay for; her job, Christine or even a wacky road of crazy? Maybe she came so far away from home to achieve a goal, but what direction is she headed to?

    The use of such underused characters like Marly and Lindsay seemed like an attempt, maybe more insight on their babies' health could be explored. It was quite depressing why they decided to seek Matthew's help through compliments, they must really be unhappy at home.

    This was yet another interesting episode, although there were some flat moments that rolled over quickly. I just want to see New Christine's expression when she finds out that the man she is living with is a married man. Or does this mean that Richard is moving out?

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    Four Stars

    Grade B-


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    • Christine: Okay, so I'll sign the divorce papers and then we'll get back to the way things were.
      Barb: There are no papers. My lawyer found a loop-hole to get our marriage annulled because we never consumated it.
      Christine: Well I told you, I would have if you would have.
      Barb: And I told you, there's not enough tequila in Mexico!

    • Christine: Matthew, today was the day I realized what has been holding me back my entire life!
      Matthew: Addiction?
      Christine: No.
      Matthew: Narcissism?
      Christine: No!
      Matthew: Short attention span?
      Christine: (looks at his sandwich) What are you eating?

    • Howard: Let me ask you something. Please sit. How did your last divorce go?
      Christine: Oh, it was easy. Um, yea, my ex and I share custody of our son and we split everything else down the middle even-steven.
      Howard: How much alimony does he pay you?
      Christine: Oh, I didn't really feel comfortable asking for alimony, I'm a democrat.
      Howard: Wow, no alimony! You do own a piece of his business though.

      Christine: Oh, I didn't really feel comfortable asking for that, I'm a feminist.
      Howard: But you were comfortable starting from scratch after your bore him a child and gave him the best years of your life.
      Christine: Um, yea, I'm comfortable with that… I'm an idiot.

    • Howard: My client has reconsidered. We'll now settle for $27,000.
      Christine: (laughing) $27,000! God, you're so good at this! (grabs his arm) And you work out, huh?
      Paul: What are you basing this on?
      Christine: His bicep is huge!

    • Barb: Okay Richard, we have to make this sham wedding look as legitimate as possible.
      Richard: One question...
      Barb: You're not getting laid!
      Christine: Yea, don't even try. She was an ice-cube during out entire sham marriage.

    • Christine: Lawyer? What do you need a lawyer for? I mean, when Richard and I got divorced it was so informal. We had a paralegal do it for free while we drank beers in the back of his van. I mean, we weren't even going there to get divorced!

    • Matthew: (to Marly and Lindsay) Come on, this is silly! You are two beautiful women in the prime of your lives. People would pay to look like you do. You pay to look like you do!

    • Matthew: That lawyer has talked you into a decision you're going to regret. How are you so easily swayed by other people's opinions?
      Christine: Oh, Matthew, you don't know what you're talking about. This man is very handsome.

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